Oh Land

Oh Land


Electro/Pop, with a very eclectic orchestral origin. Hailing from Denmark, Oh Land is ready to take the groud work laid in her home country to the US where she will record and tour in 2010.


Danish Oh Land, aka 23 year old Nanna Øland Fabricius, is a promising new name on the progressive music scene. Her debut is impressive, not least because Nanna had never composed music until she began making her debut album Fauna. And yet she has programmed and arranged all elements on the album herself. With international names such as Thomas Knak, Kasper Bjørke, Peder and Ormen all playing a vital part of the record. All this has made world famous DJ Kjeld Tolstrup praise her obvious talents on national radio and several articles and blogs have named her "the one to watch" on the Danish music scene.

About Oh Land
When Nanna in 2004, then aged 19, finished her education at the Stockholm Ballet School a back injury put an abrupt end to her promising career as a ballerina. After having dedicated all her life to dancing Nanna now had to find a new goal in life. And her ear turned its attention towards music.

Nanna grew up in a home filled with music – her mother was an opera singer associated to the Danish Royal Theatre and her father is an organist – so Nanna had a solid base to build her musical ambitions on. It is nonetheless awe inspiring that Nanna not only sings on Fauna, but also programmes her own beats, plays the piano, guitar and violin and samples everything from pots and pans to buzzing flies and her own voice. In this fashion, Nanna’s personal imprint is solidly embedded in all aspects of her ambitious soundscapes.

About Fauna
Nanna put her demos on Myspace under the name Oh Land and it didn’t take the professional music world long to find her. Kasper Bjørke (producer and DJ, eg. in Filur) contacted Oh Land and quickly signed her to the up-and-coming feinschmecker indie label Fake Diamond Records. And since then Nanna has worked on her debut with some of the most established Danish producers; Thomas Knak (People Press Play, System and Björk among others), Peder (award winning producer), Anders "Ormen" Christophersen (Melk) – and Kasper Bjørke himself.

Furthermore, very prominent international guest musicians appear on Fauna: BenMo from the lauded Coco Rosie, the noted theramin player Dorit Chrysler and classical violinist and composer Davide Rossi (who has worked with names such as Brian Eno, The Verve, Goldfrapp and Coldplay) along with Nanna’s own mother, Bodil Øland.

During the making of Fauna Oh Land has developed a striking visual live expression, containing elements such as owl costumes, choreography with umbrellas, a flowerfilled scenography and visuals made by successful Danish artist Eske Kath.


Remix EP of Heavy Eyes (feat. mixes from Trentemøller)

Set List

Set length: from 25 min to 60 min

White Nights
Heavy Eyes
Audition Day
Twist My Memory
Break The Chain