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"Sickest on the Planet"

Ohm Owens the “sickest on the planet�

Los Angeles, CA – According to jungle/hip-hop artist Ohm Owens, “I'm the sickest on the planet and nobody can stand it.�

“That's not entirely true,� counters a spokesman for A&R Select. “He may be the sickest on the planet, but you can't say nobody can stand him. The fact is, Ohm Owens has got mad fan support.� Owens is currently working with A&R Select, the world's leading independent artist development firm, based out of Los Angeles, CA.

Owens has planned a whole string of hip-hop LPs, to help keep the sickness alive. His latest is called “Domination Proclamation.� “I'm constantly writing and producing music,� he says. “I live in the studio, producing and recording.�

Indeed, he's already building a reputation for his evergreen presence in the studio. “Ohm's creativity is astounding,� according to A&R Select. “It's the proverbial endless well. He's always working out a new song.�

This artist from Blacksburg, Virginia, has his sights set on more than just making the music in-studio, though. Indeed, his touring plans are as ambitious as his music. “I plan to MC at every drum-and-bass club that I can along the way, along with the scheduled bi-weekly Blacksburg parties and the Konkrete Jungle D.C. events.�

Owens is a busy songwriter, performer and producer and his reputation includes more than his work ethic. The quality of his music has been hailed by fans and peers alike. Ohm Owens seems set to storm the industry.

“In this day and age, true musicians are a dying breed,� Owens declares, “but as long as I'm around, we won't go extinct.�

Owens says that this is about more than just recording songs and selling records. Music, he asserts, is a vital part of the human race. “Music is the great escape ... Music is the last hope for the human race because it is the universal language that all can understand.�

He feels that he is out to correct the imbalance of the current music scene, to bring much-needed originality and quality back to the radio and record stores. “Give people what they pay for! It's the pursuit to right the wrongs of lyrical grave robbers who have destroyed the integrity of the rhyme in rap as we know it.�

More information is available by visiting MASSIVESOUND.US and www.arselect.com.

In 2003 Ohm Owens began his quest to capture the title belt... It's only a matter of time and the saga continues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- A&R Select


Mental Mayhem 2003
Sickest on the Planet... 2006
Domination Proclamation 2007

Psychopathic Syncopation:



Ohm Owens is a Producer/Lyracist who has the ability to deliver a solid preformance live in concert on the mic or behind the decks and in the recording studio!!
Ohm was born was in 1980...a time in which we all know popular music was going threw a transition in more ways than one. The funky drums and guitar riffs of the 70's undoubtedly gave way to the cheesy lead synth lines we all grew to love.
Underneath the surface however , A musical revolution of sorts was happening which shapes pop music and culture as we know it. As we progress threw the eighties so did the popularity of rap/hip-hop. Ohm grew up often using the rap of the mid to late eighties as a mental escape from the hardships of growing up. " I'm from the age were the best rapper was the best. It started off all about the lyrics and for me it still is."

Ohm grew up during and followed the evolution up until the present date. " It's kinda stagnant right now but things are always changing in the music industry so u never know...Somebody gotta light that fire!!!"

Ohm took many would consider to be a major detour on his musical journey. In 1998 Owens was introduced to the style of electronic music commonly known as Drum and Bass. ".....I call it jungle cause that's what it is....that's what all of it is!! The categorizing is nice I guess but to me it's all jungle."

Owens says he fell in love with the style of the music, the energy and, the spontinaeity of the Mc's and has been hooked ever since. " Rapping is one thing but rapping and rapping properly to drum and bass truly in an art form and that why I love it and want to do it!!!"

All and all Ohm Owens is a hungry workaholic wit the potential to be a great representative for American Drum and Bass Mc's and producers alike.