Ohmtron Seedling

Ohmtron Seedling

 Almelo, Overijssel, NLD

Ohmtron Seedling makes Psychedelic Electronic music that is heavily influenced by 60's experimental synthesizer recordings, original Berlin school music, and creepy movie soundtrack music. Coupled with the Harsh Noise movement, Ohmtron Seedling bridges the gap for a truly modern vintage sound.


Rather than making simply 'Harsh Noise', Ohmtron Seedling is an organic electronic sound that begs for multiple deep listening experiences. Begun in 2008 as an alternative to making pop songs Ohmtron Seedling has created a large array of recordings, some currently available, more on the way shortly that would be perfect for use in future films and commercials.


Official CD release:

Strawberry Makes You Free

Official CD-R releases:

Landing In Quadrant Three
Transfer The Code

There are tracks from all of these releases on You Tube and IMradio along with the official MySpace page.