Oh No Ono

Oh No Ono


There is something genuinely homo-erotic about them which makes their audience relaxed and drives them crazy at the same time. It turns the band into a completion of Andy Warhol's Factory-dream.


Oh No Ono’s sound collages a broad range of influences into a lurid pop confection “I cannot hear anything without being inspired. Should I be listening to for instance Beach Boys, I will readily steal the exact element which makes their music unique,” explains Malthe. “An important aspect of Oh No Ono is the ability for us to surprise the audience and keep giving them something new.” The music fuses the preening glam of Ziggie era Bowie to the clunking 80s stomp of electro pop pioneer Thomas Dolby, underpinned by flashes of taught guitar.
In short, Oh No Ono are here to make you get out of your seat and jump around – and on the evidence of this first single we better get used to it because they’re heading straight for the main stage!

"Eccentric new romantic-tinged insanity from Denmark. Like Buggles covering Spandau Ballet songs, but played by chaps with Strokes haircuts...in line to be our new favourite band" - NME STEREO


May 2005 "Now You Know EP" (Morningside Records) (Denmark)
August 2006 "Yes" Debut Album (Morningside Records)