Oh No! The Afterlife

Oh No! The Afterlife


Oh No! The Afterlife is a combo of progressive metal/hardcore and influences from Floyd, Zeppelin, and Rush. They mix intensity and over the top licks with powerful melodies and quick, eccentric drumming. They are entertainers on stage and have been received well by every venue and crowd.


Oh No! The Afterlife is a younger band with extremely talented musicians. Each member has been playing music for over a decade, and each member has come together to create a force to be reckoned with. The powerhouse drumming of Jeff mixed with the eccentric jazz-influenced basslines of Tim make for a solid rhythm section. While Dave and Shred share harmonized leads, stage antics, soaring solos, and chunkier-than-your-twelve-month-old-milk riffage to fill out the sound. Brendan chimes in with barbaric growls and screams to emote the intensity of the music, while Dave sings cleanly over the more mellow parts to make for an experience unlike anything else. Yes, it's true, the best part of waking up is Oh No! The Afterlife.


Oh No! The Afterlife released their first EP, "The Birth of Omega," in early 2009 as their debut album. Currently, while gigging and touring they are working on a full length album which should be in the works by fall 2009 and released in early 2010. While none of their new songs are recorded, you can hear crowd favorites like, "Mormons Raped My Parents," and, "Powdered Water: Just Add Water," at any live show you go to.

Set List

An average set at an Oh No! Concert is usually an hour long including the songs:

The Death of Alpha
Passage to Oblivion
The Birth of Omega
Dave & Shred's Excellent Adventure
The Great Alignment
Mormons Raped My Parents
Doctor Fill: Stealing Oprah's Thunder
Powdered Water: Just Add Water
The Great Alignment

While covers aren't done at the moment, they are planning to release a self-produced five track album entitled, "Influences." This album will be of rock-made-metal covers of Rush, Ozzy, and others.