Oh, No They Didn't

Oh, No They Didn't


Art-damaged punk rock pop art poptart.


The Vance Brothers were in a band. Jeremy wasn't. So he joined a band with the Vance Brothers. They quit listening to Pavement, started listening to the Fall, and then they played some shows. Now they want to play more shows.


H.L. Mencken E.P. is currently being sold at shows and select local outlets. Email us for a copy!

Set List

1. Everything Dies
2. Clean Restrooms
3. Lost In The City
4. Nameless Water
5. Art School Reject
6. Japanese Tea
7. The Future
8. Happiness

Set usually lasts half an hour to 45 minutes. Sometimes we do covers, ranging anywhere from Thin Lizzy to Pixies, Pavement, and Mclusky.