Oh, Oh, Ecstasy
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Oh, Oh, Ecstasy

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Pop Experimental


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Oh, Oh, Ecstasy"

“After a EP left last March, Peter Carlovich, creative multi-instrumentalist originating in New York, gives cover with its garage-pop-lofi project Oh, Oh, Ecstasy. “Shoebees” is a summer hit”
(translated from french)
- My Car is Full of Plums

"Oh, Oh, Ecstasy"

“The cold weather here in Texas just hasn’t arrived yet. I’m still able to drive home from work with the windows down and not freeze to death. Vista Cruiser, the latest ep from New York band Oh, Oh Ecstasy is the perfect companion for these warm drives home. The fuzzy tunes remind me what I love about summer, and the nostalgia permeates my brain for the rest of the evening.
“No One Cares (But You And Me)” is the first track off of the Vista Cruiser EP. You can get the ep for free at their bandcamp here. While you’re there, check out their other free releases.
- Live Oak Cassettes

"Oh, Oh, Ecstasy"

Well oh oh this is quite splendid indeed.  Oh, Oh Ecstasy have a new EP Vista Cruiser over at Bandcamp and it’s pretty damn delightful.  Oh, Oh Ecstasy have this The Morning Benders meets The Drums vibe with a bit of an extra kick that I adore.  One of my fave tracks off of Vista Cruiser is the eargasm Love Troubles.  If you are hooked lined and sinker-ed too you can download all of Vista Cruiser for free over at Bandcamp.  
- danceyrselfclean.tumblr.com

"Oh, Oh, Ecstasy"

“Some new tracks appeared on the page of Oh, Oh, Ecstasy. Breathless, I inhale each of them. Those songs are a romance full of life, the one that we sing by forgetting everything else. 
Below, Youth Daze, but others can be listened and downloaded for free on on bandcamp.”
- The Discoveralist

"Oh, Oh, Ecstasy"

“Oh, Oh, Ecstasy first caught my ear with their the-name-says-it-all Lo Fi Goodness EP debut in March. Originally a solo bedroom project of multi-instrumentalist Peter Carlovich (sweet name), his psyched surf pop is young and pure. The trio’s garage drums, waning bass, and oh-so-twangy guitar can create fabled beach vibes through the thickest city smog. 
Oh, Oh, Ecstasy has a handful of random singles from an upcoming LP available for download on Bandcamp.”
- Too Many Carpets

"Oh, Oh, Ecstasy"

“Oh, Oh Ecstasy is a NYC band who pack the heat of the summer with their psychedelic let’s go to the beach noise pop sound!  Throw Your Shoes Into The Ocean starts out very slow, more on the softer side of a The Morning Benders track and then before you know it, it develops into a fun bopping awkwardly inducing jam.  Oh, Oh Ecstasy is for fans of The Morning Benders, The Drums, and Surfer Blood.”  
- danceyrselfclean.tumblr.com

"Oh, Oh, Ecstasy "You Taste Like Sunshine Dust""

Oh, Oh Ecstasy is releasing their second EP, “Vista Cruiser” soon, and I am really stoked about this one. Having reviewed their other works previously, I’ve been waiting for awhile to hear what these New York guys have in store for us! Their tracks “No One Cares (But You and Me)”, “Ocean City Boardwalk”, ”Love Troubles”, “You Can Blame It On Me”, and “Nothing in Particular”, fill the room with the sounds of their established pop beach city vibe, instantly creating the chill attitude refreshing the days’ boring drone. I am definitely a fan of all this, but I must say the track that stood out to me most was “You Taste Like Sunshine Dust”. While continuing to contain their established vibes, “You Taste Like Sunshine Dust” presents a different side of Oh, Oh Ecstasy- a sunny side blinding you with something newly heartfelt and uncertain. Definitely stay updated about release dates on their facebook page, and for now stream “Vista Cruiser” for free here!  
- Sincerely California

"Oh, Oh, Ecstasy "Vista Cruise - EP""

“Oh, Oh, Ecstasy put out a new EP today. It’s good. Like really good. Like so so good bro. Snag a copy at their b-camp.” - http://deepsees.tumblr.com/

"Hype Twenty Seven"

Oh, Oh, Ecstasy fuse Real Estate guitar-work with 60’s pop refrains. Simple, catchy songwriting to make you forget your troubles and remember that it’s all probably not as bad as you think it is. They used to be a band but now it’s just a man, there’s an EP and a double A-side up for download from his Bandcamp. Here’s a track from each. - Neo Noir

"Oh, Oh, Ecstasy: “Ocean City Boardwalk”."

I do know what you’re thinking now. “Hey, somebody has been doing something like this some two years ago!” And sure, you’re right. What’s more, I’ve actually found one of the dudes’ Last.fm profile and of course among his ten all-time favorite albums are records by Real Estate, Beach Fossils, and Ducktails.

But seriously, who cares given a song that is as damn fine as “Ocean City Boardwalk”? This three-, occasionally four-piece from NYC named Oh, Oh, Ecstasy, from what I understand consisting of insanely young members, really has a knack for beautiful, distinctly lo-fi pop songs that coincidentally make us think of New Jersey. The band has just released the debut EP Vista Cruiser, and it’s up for free on bandcamp. After all, who said you had to reinvent the wheel all the time?
- No Fear Of Pop

"Sincerely, California’s List of 15 Best EPs of 2011!"

10. Vista Cruiser EP- Oh, Oh, Ecstasy: Oh, Oh, Ecstasy’s “Vista Cruiser” is so creative and breezy, yet still highly inspired from the hectic city where they reside (New York). Oh, Oh, Ecstasy doesn’t get nearly as enough credit as they should, and Vista Cruiser EP creates a sidewalk stride by the beach I wish I could drop everything for. - Sincerely California


Lo Fi Goodness EP (2011)
Vista Cruiser EP (2011)
To The Pyramids EP (2012)
Fridays on the Roof EP (2012)
February/Satisfied Trip - Single (2013)
Beach Blood: Greatest Hits, Unreleased, Backlog (2013)
Murder Tape LP (2013)
Peter EP (2013)
Tried to Record Water, Sounded Like Piss (underground release) (2013)
Ghost Shrill EP (2013)
Pure Pop EP (2014)
Kill Me, Mama EP (2014) 
Bunny Lantern - Single (2014)



Oh, Oh, Ecstasy started as the recording project of Peter Carlovich. While the bands lineup only has one constant member, the revolving door of musicians and collaborators create a unique live experience, mashing psychedelic pop with noisy punk music. The band first started in 2010, but it wasn't until early 2011 when they first came out with their self released EP "Lo Fi Goodness", a gnarly collection of songs showcasing the bands wide energy spectrum all accompanied by the hiss and rattle of the tape it was recorded on. Since "Lo Fi Goodness", the band was released a steady stream of Singles and the follow up EP "Vista Cruiser", which gained some critical acclaim, and was featured on two "best EPs of 2011" lists. Oh, Oh, Ecstasy continues to play live shows and is currently working on a full length LP.

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