Oh Tear the Veil

Oh Tear the Veil

 Louisville, Ohio, USA

Oh Tear the Veil is a hardcore, CHRISTcore band consisting of four brothers who share a passion for Jesus and metal music. Oh Tear the Veil is not concerned about being treated like big shots and are most likely to go get you a drink than ask for one themselves. Oh Tear the Veil is on a mission to continue writing and performing hardcore music and telling people about the living in the Light.


Oh Tear the Veil has morphed several times over the last 4 years in a little town known as Louisville, Ohio. Beginning with just a drum set and a Marshall MiniStack guitar amp, Colyn and Hayden Perreault felt a calling to influence their world through music. Their influence led their brother Chase to the bass guitar, followed shortly by the youngest brother, Kasen. Don't be fooled by their young look: these guys mean business. They have performed with bands such as; I See Stars, Inhale Exhale, My Ticket Home, Corpus Christi, Settle the Sky, The Major, Get up Texas, Take the Name and more.

One thing you'll notice quickly about OTTV, is they are not concerned about getting treated like bigshots and are more likely to go fetch you a drink than ask for one themselves. This desire to serve spills over into their music and their attention to detail. They know that they will only be able to share their faith if people are willing to listen. You may smile when you see them take the stage, but you will sit up and listen when the music starts.


OTTV has recently released their first demo with 5 titles:
Hit the Ground, By the Beard of Zues, Sneak in Here, Yeshua and Bonjour! All songs can be heard on these websites;