Oh, that Patrick

Oh, that Patrick

 Los Angeles, California, USA

I would (arrogantly) compare myself to Billy Joel, Paul McCartney, or Paul Simon: prolific pop songwriters who straddle many genres but always turn out quality melodies. My aim is to produce volumes of high quality, self-recorded, self-published songs available for licensing or for other artists.


Oh, that Patrick is as fun to say as he is to hear. But what does he sound like?

Picture early Weezer, in which the music seems smart yet simple.

Picture Jason Mraz, but without any cool hats and with less of a penchant for mile-a-minute lyrics.

Picture Jellyfish, but without as much Queen-sounding overproduction.

Picture Ben Folds. Yeah, no caveats there. People compare me to him more than to anyone else.

Oh, that Patrick is the performing moniker of Patrick Tyrrell, a songwriter from the MD/DC area who made the unthinkable, unprecedented decision to move to Los Angeles to pursue his dream. (what's that? 6 million other cliches live here? oh, well)

His dream got watered down along the way - although worldwide fame would still be a loathsome curiosity worth experiencing, Patrick's principal objective is just to support his addiction to songwriting. He would love to supply film, tv, video games, other artists, etc. with songs, hoping that they would provide him with enough income to write and record more songs.

For the past five years in LA, he's been writing and recording as a one man band. Patrick plays guitar and piano really well, bass and drums pretty well, and sings considerably well within his rather unimpressive vocal range.

Patrick's music is similar to that of late-Beatles - songs tend to be either guitar driven (with a mix of clean and distortion) or piano driven (often with plunking eighth note chords and/or descending progressions). Layered into that are harmonies with the lead vocal as well as backing oohs/aahs and countermelodies. Finally, a few times per album or show, Patrick gets to show his love of jam bands by ripping a guitar solo similar to Carlos Santana or Phish's Tre Anastasio.

In less musical and more psychological terms, Oh, that Patrick sounds like well-adjusted optimism, philosophical rumination, and trenchant sarcasm.

A firm believer of "The Middle Way", (not that he's Buddhist ... just very even-tempered) Patrick finds sorrowful situations to be opportunities for growth and redemption and euphoric situations to be bittersweet reminders of the impermanence of life and permanence of death. So his mood and his tempo swing, but they normally come back to center.

Hopefully, his music exerts that sort of effect on the listener, pleasantly stretching them in different directions but leaving them feeling well-grounded and wise.

There is definitely little to no pretentiousness in Patrick's music. He does employ a lot of big words in his lyrics, but that's just the way he talks, unfortunately. Otherwise, he is not trying to be cool or aloof - just fun and sincere.


Wide Awake

Written By: Patrick Tyrrell

Open my eyes hours past sunrise
snooze the alarm for another reprise
slowly my mind gravitates to the day that awaits

Looking ahead just elicits dread
Burdensome thoughts tumble 'round in my head
I could ignore them when I was still warm in my bed.

I want to be wide awake when the morning reaches my room.
I want to be miles away lost in nature somewhere with you.

it's a cliche that you hear some say
if you are healthy, you shouldn't complain
since you know you're gonna die, better live while alive

pithy advice for an easy life
if you don't have to do much to survive
when things are tough you will swear that this stuff don't apply.

I want to be wide awake when the morning reaches my room.
I want the first day of vacation when the whole trip's in front of you.
I want to be wide awake even on rainy days that I work
I know this is earth, not heaven, I should be grateful for the dirt.

that's easy advice if you have a nice life
if you're pretty, rich, or young or you're doing something fun
but don't be sayin' that to somebody who is trapped, busy working at a desk, for a cause he don't respect

(that sounds like madness to someone who is filled with sadness)

ahhh, that's the the modern tragedy

(I'll try to be thankful for the heartache and the hurt)

I Guess that I'm Done

Written By: Patrick Tyrrell

the longer that I keep my shutters all closed
the longer it is before anyone knows
that there's a dead body still rotting inside
that there's just a ghost of who used to reside

the nearer I come to embracing the facts,
the more against me the deck seems to be stacked
and all my attempts to ameliorate
must just come across as too little, too late

I guess that i'm done, and ready to be judged
too late to remake my legacy now
I guess that I'm done, incomplete and begrudged
too much already has been written down

I'm a harsh critic, especially of me,
And that's why I don't want the world to see
the fruits of my labor, then privy they'd be
to the the failings of my unfinished masterpiece

as long as I keep looking up ahead
my optimism's saved by second chances
but when I'm turned to see the path I've tread
i'll have to listen to the crowd's consensus

how could my life's work ever be complete
how could my art work ever be released?
once I give it over for you to consume
I give up the hope it will ever improve

Why I Love Music

Written By: Patrick Tyrrell

here is why i love music when you play it you hear
your emotions come out as soundwaves then enter back in through your ears

on this fretboard and with these vocal cords i transduce my view
it don't matter if anyone else is around to listen to you

music, it really is the perfect gift you can give yourself
and if, you give it time, i know you'll find it's good for your health

here is why i love music it conveys empathy
almost better than could ever your friends or your family

it astounds me that the right vibrations can match an emotional state
that reminds me that we're all instruments who should be in tune when we play

humans carved their niche by being smart
differentiating head from heart
music reconciles the mind and flesh
that's how it expresses the complex

here is why i love music everyone is free
to provide their own lyrics to their own melodies

so keep on practicing, you won't regret it
sing it twice so you don't forget it


Jan 2009 - "Never Gonna Have a Real Career" (10 track debut album)
feat. 'Dog After Tail', licensed to an indie movie, a website, and retail store airplay in Europe.

Oct 2010 - "Best Black History Month ... Ever!" (14 track album)

http://www.thatpatrick.com/musiccatalog.htm (assorted singles and demos)