Oh! The Humanity!

Oh! The Humanity!

 Mansfield, Ohio, USA

With Oh The Humanity's catchy pop/electronica beats, awesome vocals, and soaring guitar riffs they bring a performance that not many bands their age can offer. Oh The Humanity creates instant fans out of anybody who goes to one of their concerts.


Oh The Humanity's sound comes from an influence of many different styles of music. Influences like Owl City, Swimming With Dolphins, The Postal Service, and Relient K add to their fun pop/electronica style. The fact that they are both only sophmores in high school really sets them apart from other bands that they have shared the stage with. Their positive lyrics and christian background make them an appropriate band for any audience.


Oh! The Humanity!: "Not Bad For The Basement"-2008

Oh! The Humanity!: "Rocket Powered Rockets EP"-2009

Music can be found on www.myspace.com/ohthehumanitytunes.

Set List

Their typical set list contains 8 songs and is usually 40 minutes long.