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"Show Review-Oh, The Spanish Moss"

Oh, The Spanish Moss, filled The Derby's VIP Room to near capacity last week as the Californian-based rock band ran through their set with much fervor.

They were everything one expects at a rock concert, but infrequently receives.

They take from their Los Angeles neighbor's, No Age's, foundation of having their drummer take lead singer responsibilities, but for what No Age lacks in skillfulness, Oh, The Spanish Moss makes up for, and actually surprises, with raw loud songs and sing along melodies.

Their "Till All Hours" takes from the Raconteurs' recipe of success, while their "Favors Are Simple" starts off gently before crashing into a soulful ditty that's as much McCartney's Ram as it is Cold War Kids.

Oh, The Spanish Moss also knocked out the Derby crowd with their ear-piercing "Coal Black Lungs", which clearly ranks Lead Guitarist Ian Caddick up with the newest crop of young guitarists who can take it to the next level.

I saw a band who I know I'll see again(and enjoy it immensely). - http://theartistocracy.blogspot.com/


"Oh, the simple joys of rocking out in a garage band. Most aspiring musicians can reminisce about the countless days spent hashing out future rock classics not yet born, sweating out their angst between a dusty tool bench, crappy Christmas ornaments and a broken lawn mower. And in many respects, the So Cal three piece Oh, The Spanish Moss are no different. Except these guys may actually make it out of the garage one of these days.

With a sound combining the boot stomping blues of the Black Keys with shreds of Dylanesque folk, Oh, The Spanish Moss have definitely payed attention to the best that classic rock has to offer. Their skills were certainly good enough to attract the attention of producer Anthony Arvisu (The Mars Volta, Dusty Rhodes and The River Band) who toggled with the tracks on the band's debut, The Labour Deruta EP.

Though they may come off as a little less than serious when they're not rocking out, their lyrics about Berlin prostitutes and coal mining suggest that despite their sense of humor, life's not all fun and pizza parties for these guys. Occasionally, things do get a little grimy."

OCW: Who's in the band and who does what?

Thomas Madden: I took the singer/drummer responsibilities. We have the talented Ian Caddick on lead guitar, and the splendid Jason Tennies on bass and occasionally the Hammond Organ.

OCW: What motivated you to start the band?

Madden: I guess it was really just summer boredom and teen angst that got us motivated—cause after all I am 24.

Caddick: Oh, and because of the show 24 too.

Tennies: Also, we had a really festive pizza party with all the trimmings and it just seemed like a good idea.

OCW: Who are your biggest influences and why?

Madden: My biggest influences from a classic standpoint are probably Lou Reed and Dylan, and then Caleb from Kings of Leon for a contemporary influence. However, I am also a huge fan of British rock.

Tennies: Chris Chaffin and Jack Lawrence of the Raconteurs.

Caddick: I feel kinda like a douche listing my influences, but, I guess blues and rock from the early times. And the two Jimmys . . . Page and Eat World.

OCW: What's the best thing that's happened to your band? What's the worst thing that's happened to your band?

Madden: The best thing that happened to our band is when our pizza party shifted into a late night session at this really rundown Christian rehearsal spot in Fullerton behind the train tracks. The worst thing that happened was playing the Derby in L.A.

OCW: There are millions of bands and solo artists creating music now. Why should people listen to you?

Caddick: Because we’re good.

Tennies: Because I’m in the band and our success depends on things like this.

Madden: We have a unique dynamic and we try to be forward thinking, but we still use all the raw certified organic materials.

Listen to the band at: http://www.sonicbids.com/epk/epk.asp?epk_id=173171

- OC WEEKLY-http://blogs.ocweekly.com/heardmentality/listen-to-the-band-oh-the-span/


The Labour Deruta Demo(free downloads at www.myspace.com/ohthespanishmoss)



Following a band pizza and stiff cocktail celebration, it was imperative that a name had to be chosen.
“Oh, The Spanish Moss” was agreed upon, and these three California-bred youngsters, with a fine taste for garage rock and the occasional theremin solo, were ready to stake claim as Indie’s loudest darlings.
With tunes that touch on Berlin streetwalkers, abandoning the intellectually restrictive gated communities of Southern California, and the detrimental effects of Coal Mining, Oh, The Spanish Moss have a flair for the dramatic, which is ironic considering the band’s minimalistic approach to keeping things as raw as possible while playing.
With both classical and modern influences, from the Velvet Underground to the Black Keys, there is not a genre Oh, The Spanish Moss wouldn’t hesitate to attempt (with the possible exception of Christian Rap).
Oh, The Spanish Moss recorded their debut demo “The Labour Deruta EP” with Mars Volta/Dusty Rhodes and the Riverband producer Anthony Arvisu in September of 2008, and look forward to embarking on a west coast tour this winter before heading back into the studio to record their first EP.