Oh, the Story!

Oh, the Story!


"This band's songs are some of my favorite to listen to, on the entire list... Songwriting isn't a weakness with this band. Look for them to be a leader in the VA/MD scene soon... I can seriously listen to all their songs, continuously." - Tim Towner, The Daily Chorus


Songwriting is not a weakness for this band. Look for them to be a leaderin the VA/MD scene soon. I can seriously listen to all their songs, continuously." - Tim Towner (The Daily Chorus)

Truer words would not be spoken of a band regarded by many as Baltimore's best kept secret. Oh, The Story! Have emerged from Charm City's thriving underground music scene as a unique and driving force. Since the bands conception in early 2006 they have managed to build a large and dedicated fan base and a dynamic stage presence. As well as record their independently released albums "Good Morning Illumination" (2007) with Paul Levitt (All Time Low, Senses Fail, Circa Survive) and the "Sea of Stars" EP (April 2009). Oh, The Story! succeeds in taking "rock/pop" to the next level. Sharing the stage with such bands as Person L, The Atari's and Cute is What we Aim For-- James, JW, John, Chris, Josh, and Scott provide not only music, but an experience for their audience. Displaying the bands wide range of influences, each song pulls from a variety of musical genres sparking a powerful and captivating live show. When asked about their music James said "We are
inspired by and draw from bands and artists who have really evoked change and broken barriers with their music. That's what we aspire to."

And they are well on their way.


Sin, Repent, Repeat.

Written By: Oh, The Story!

Sin, Repent, Repeat

Well Oh no! What have I done now? I’ve really done it this time, and I don’t think I’m gettin’ out. This story’s getting’ old, because it always ends the same. There lies the smoking gun, and I’m the only one to blame.

• Yeah, you can try and try to get it right but sometimes you just can’t get it.
• Yeah, you can try and try to get it right but sometimes you just can’t get it right.

I tried, I tried, this time, to stop playing this game, because I know I’ll never win with ‘Sin, Repent, Repeat.” And I’ve been here so many times before, but no matter how hard I try I just can’t get right!

Well here I am again, in over my head. I had the best intentions, but they just lead to all this tension. I didn’t mean for you to ever feel this way. But the damage has been done and I can never find the right words to say!

It’s Not an Ending At All...

Written By: Oh, The Story!

It’s Not an Ending At All...

In a dresser drawer there is a letter and its signed forever yours
every word was crafted with such care but it just stays there in that
old dresser drawer
In the bedroom of a suburban broken home there is a boy in bed and
tonight he's not alone and in his bed resides a stranger some other lost
and broken soul and he thinks of the one he loves as the window lets in
the cold as he whispers
Oh my love tonight we're limitless and free and if you're sleeping with
another I know you're wishing it was me in those sheets why do we wind
up in such awful situations the ones that we've created well I know
tonight I'm coming home
In the still of a February night there is a girl in bed and she's
clenching her blankets till her knuckles turn white and the silence is
broken with both a whisper and a sigh and as the tears run swell in her
eyes she looks to window as she cries out
Oh my love tonight we're limitless and free and if you're sleeping with
another I know you're wishing it was me I know how bad you missed me how
bad you want to kiss me just know that tonight I'm coming home

I am!

Written By: Oh, The Story!

I am!

“Take a chance! No one ever died from a night of holding hands. It’s just innocent romance, so let’s go!”

It all started with two kids. Young, bright, and innocent… Well, their excitement got the best of them, but it gets the best of all of us now and again.
He said, “My eyes are opened wide for the first time, in a long time. I feel like if I die, at least I died after finally feeling alive.”

Make a move. What have you got to lose? It’s only me, and there is only you. She said, “Hold on, I need to catch my breath. I let my heart out run my head. But I must admit, those things you said sounded so good.”
“But I can’t! I can’t do this again!”
“Take a chance! Because I am!”

The Astronomer

Written By: Oh, The Story!

Everyone is dying for change; all the colors are fading grey.
All I want is to be saved… Set free and rearranged, I’m ready…
…for someone to come and take me away from here…
So look up! Can you see it in the stars?
Just look up! And see how small we really are.
Everywhere I look, in all the faces that I see,
all the people seem disheartened and full of misery.
But when I look up, into infinity, I find solace in the stars and I am free.
And in and endless sea of stars, under the blanket of the sky,
I’ve found one pair of eyes and they are staring back at mine.
And when I saw her face, all my worries were erased,
And I felt clean again, I felt like “me” again…

But they said, “Hey kid, the worlds too big for you to even try to do anything about it!”


(2007) Good Morning Illumination
(Independent Release)
(2009) Sea of Stars EP
(Independent Release)

Set List

(40 Minute Set)
1. The Overture (1:12)
2. I Am! (2:45)
3. Come Hell or High Water (2:22)
4. Sin, Repent, Repeat (2:39)
5. The Good Doctor (2:58)
6. Room & Board (3:47)
7. All Seven Seas (4:14)
8. Where there's Smoke there's Fire (3:37)
9. Denouement (3:30)
10. It's not an Ending at All... (4:20)