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"Oh, The Story! - Good Morning Illumination"

I first heard Oh, The Story! live whilst doing live sound for a community college in my area and was blown away. Most bands that play that venue fall directly under the category of a local band. However, Oh, The Story! had serious potential within a great vocalist, backup singers that can actually harmonize well, skilled guitarists (in the vocalist and two other guitarists), and well put-together songs that definitely keep an audience hooked. Immediately after they played, I asked for a copy of their album Good Morning Illumination and I am thoroughly pleased to say that I was impressed even more.

Good Morning Illumination definitely falls under the pop/rock category that usually doesn't merit any note-worthy songs theoretically. Oh, The Story! is actually able to incorporate some great riffs that show that they have some skill with their instruments and want to be more than just the typical pop/rock band. Within the album, you've got your typical poppy songs like "I Am!" "All Seven Seas." However, 90% of the album merits great response as even their poppy songs do. The album starts off with an ambient electronic sample that leaves their true genre shrouded in mystery. The song that impressed me the most though was "Sin, Repent, Repeat." Before this album, I thought the only bands that knew how to incorporate a brass line was Cursive and every ska band and their mother. This song literally sent chills up my back as I listened through.

Even though Oh, The Story! is a local band in Maryland, I wouldn't be surprised at all if they started popping up all over the United States in a short amount of time. In fact, I am expecting it after having listened to this album. I truly believe any rocker could enjoy this album and I maintain that this album is one of the best I've ever heard within their genre.
- John Berry - Music Emissions

"Oh, The Story! - Good Morning Illumination"

The Baltimore scene is known for its various pop/punk acts. This notoriety comes with the burden of also being very flat in the variety of sound available. Oh, the Story! breaks this trend and gives the Maryland scene something to be proud of. Good Morning Illumination, the band's debut album, gives a variety of dance beats mixed with the feel of teen angst and sexual tension.

The first song on the CD, “I Am”, a song about a new, exciting relationship, sets the perfect tone for the subsequent eight songs. Each song has its own point, whither it’s to reveal hidden emotions for an unsuspected lover, or to show the ride of growing up. James Larson, the front man of Oh,TS!, "spills his guts" and allows listeners to feel every emotion he feels through heart wrenching lyrics. In track six, “Waking Up”, Larson shows his tiredness of being stuck in the same repetition of defeat with the lyrics “I can only take so much//And I think I’ve had enough of giving up//So I’ll say goodbye to these nights and good morning to the sun.” This song sets inspiration into listeners to start over, no matter what mistakes they have made. Oh,TS! also uses the oh so popular theme of heartbreaks and relationships throughout the album. However, unlike most bands, the meaning is hidden through articulate metaphors and lines. One example of this is in the slow tale of “All Seven Seas”. The whole song is based around the actions of the ocean and the idea of things being carried away and being brought back. This is the most lyrically impressive song on GMI. Another trend on Oh,TS!’s full length is the theme of cheating, and more specifically the physical kind. Song number 10, “Dénouement”, is like a scene ripped from a powerful confrontation between a man and his cheating lover. However, the twist to this song is that the man used to cheat, and now the roles are reversed. The repetitive guitar chords used in this song builds the tension throughout the song, like a heart beat. For this album, it was hard for myself to pick a clear favorite. My top were “I Am” and “The Good Doctor”. That is until I reached the very last track on GMI, “It’s Not An Ending At All…” This song is not named on the CD track list (as it is a "secret" track), but is a pleasant surprise when you first hear it. Sounding similar to the song, “Hotel California” by the 70’s band The Eagles, “It’s Not An Ending At All...” reviews the life of a few different young people caught in bitter love triangles. Somehow, even if the listener isn’t in a love triangle of their own, they can relate to the wanting of someone they can’t have. The perfect verse is discovered thanks to this song, “Oh my love tonight we’re limitless and free//And if you’re sleeping with another//I know you’re wishing it was me.”

Good Morning Illumination is a whirlwind of emotion that every person who listens to this album can feel. The addition of electronics is an idea fairly new to the lyrical bands in Maryland and Oh, the Story! masters it beautifully. Although this may not be the best CD for your next party, it’s perfect for those few songs you may want to send in an infamous mix tape. - 123 Promotions


(2007) Good Morning Illumination
(Independent Release)
(2009) Sea of Stars EP
(Independent Release)



Songwriting is not a weakness for this band. Look for them to be a leaderin the VA/MD scene soon. I can seriously listen to all their songs, continuously." - Tim Towner (The Daily Chorus)

Truer words would not be spoken of a band regarded by many as Baltimore's best kept secret. Oh, The Story! Have emerged from Charm City's thriving underground music scene as a unique and driving force. Since the bands conception in early 2006 they have managed to build a large and dedicated fan base and a dynamic stage presence. As well as record their independently released albums "Good Morning Illumination" (2007) with Paul Levitt (All Time Low, Senses Fail, Circa Survive) and the "Sea of Stars" EP (April 2009). Oh, The Story! succeeds in taking "rock/pop" to the next level. Sharing the stage with such bands as Person L, The Atari's and Cute is What we Aim For-- James, JW, John, Chris, Josh, and Scott provide not only music, but an experience for their audience. Displaying the bands wide range of influences, each song pulls from a variety of musical genres sparking a powerful and captivating live show. When asked about their music James said "We are
inspired by and draw from bands and artists who have really evoked change and broken barriers with their music. That's what we aspire to."

And they are well on their way.