Oh Village

Oh Village

 Abbotsford, British Columbia, CAN

Oh Village is authentic, musical and talented. They make music from the heart, and from the first listen people notice something different about it. Raw and emotional, yet melodious and captivating, Oh Village's music swells from intimate moments of harmony to resounding crescendos and back again.


Formed in the spring of 2011 while three of the members were still in high school, Oh Village began performing around the Fraser Valley solely for the love of music. Aspiring to create a full-length album with Abbotsford producer Steve Klassen, but being short on finances, Oh Village successfully crowd-funded $7000 in the spring of 2012 to fund their 9-track release, “Far Side of the Sea”. Released on August 8th, 2012, and followed by a western Canadian tour, the album was a remarkable achievement in the young band’s career.

The following months brought many opportunities as Oh Village began playing Vancouver venues such as The Biltmore, The Railway Club, The Media Club, The Red Room and The Roxy. A continual commitment to the artistry and power of music has caused the band to prosper and interest in Oh Village to grow.

The band’s most recent studio album – a 5-track EP entitled “To Rely” released June 24th, 2014 – is a continuation of what has defined Oh Village as the driven, passionate group of musicians that they are. Approved for a FACTOR grant and recorded at Afterlife Studio in Vancouver, this EP is a truly creative work of art which communicates deep emotion and growth.

Oh Village crafts their sound using piano, drums, bass, guitar and vocal harmonies along with non-conventional instruments such as the cello, violin, and trumpet. The four friends have brought together their love for writing original music and their individual musical influences to create a down-to-earth sound that is both uniquely honest and completely inspired.


Far Side of the Sea - August 2012

Set List

And Now Red Sails Make Me Think of You
Apple Cat
Cold Hands
De Novo
Eagle, Spire
Give Thy Fears
In This House
Red Death
The Wind, It Turns
'Til the Sun Bends Her Way
Yet Again