Oil Bath

Oil Bath


Pillbilly Trucker Rock. Thats right I said "Pillbilly" with a "P". Growing up in Snohomish County. Drinkin', Racin' & Rasin' Hell.


HEY BUMBERSHOOT!!!! Born and raised in Washington state!! Really, really wanna play at your big rock show. Any time slot/ any venue. Bring it. It would be the biggest thing ever for our band. Besides how many Keytars are playing this gig? Do it. Sign us up. We wanna rock it. This is probally the worst EPK you will ever see. LOL! Come on out, see a show with us. Have a beer and listen to the bullshit flow. We wont let you down.


Self produced "Cursed" CD.

Set List

We can play over 2 hours of originals. All quality