Oil On Canvas

Oil On Canvas

 London, England, GBR

Deliciously catchy rock music presented in style by four friends destined to make it big.


Oil On Canvas are a 4 piece pop rock band based in London. They are made up of vocalist Rob, guitarist Rafael, bassist Tommy and drummer Jay. The band can be traced back to 2006 with their self-released self-titled debut album "Oil On Canvas". This alternative rock album was met with encouraging reviews from national music magazines, acknowledging the musicianship such as Rafael's beautiful guitar work in the instrumental "Chama-Me". But it did not meet with the commercial success the band was hoping for.

A tough time of decision making lead the band to write more radio friendly anthemic rock tunes that appeared on the three song 2007 EP release recorded at Metropolis Studios, London. With the help of Rob's vocals powering over the new songs like "Game On" and exciting live shows, a loyal following was building and word spread across England's capital of an exciting new group. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the performances were the new “get up and dance” songs.

They returned to Metropolis to record their second EP in the summer of 2008. The furthering evolution of the band now emphasised on the feel good factor and Jay's up-beat rhythms. It was also the first time Tommy exhibited his trumpet playing in "House Of Cards". They continued with great gigs attracting more excited fans at well known venues across London.

This lead to a successful 2009 in terms of exposure. "Frogtown" appeared on BBC3's comedy "Off The Hook" and BBC Radio 1 while "Game On" had airtime on BBC Radio 6. Lots of student radios picked up on the vibe and Oil On Canvas songs could be heard right across the nation's universities. Wild Strawberries, recorded with Rohan again, is set to be their debut with the accompanying video made by Simon Hill and David Linton. They are set for some big shows with big names in 2010 including festivals and international tours.


1 self titles album and 2 EPs
New album planned for this summer.

Set List

Wild Strawberries
Walk Away
Constant State of Flux
Game On
Perfect Trap
Lost Along the Way
My Kind of Day
Empty Glasses
+more. Over an hours worth of original material