OJ Canseco

OJ Canseco

 Hart, Michigan, USA

I am a Dubstep DJ and producer from West Michigan. I currently play parties and bars and haven't enjoyed any larger venue appearances. Opportunity is scarce in the Dubstep World in West Michigan and I'm ready for the next level. Book me for your next FACE-MELTING BASS EXPERIENCE!!


My name is Tyler Collins and I was born to entertain. I just didn't know how I was meant to do so until 3 years ago, I saw my first live DJ performance. I was always into EDM as well as many other genres, but it wasn't until I saw it live, that I realized it was how I could entertain the masses. Since, I have played several parties, and bars in West Michigan. As far as djing goes, my influences are vast, but hard dropping bass is what does it for me these days. When you think OJ Canseco, don't think murder and steroids.. think bass, think drops, think a bad-ass time!!


Original Tracks:
The Electric Push
The Apology

Party Mix Examples: They are short and easy to listen to on purpose
Awww Robots: a minimix
Gary's Mix
Seriously, Get Off My Mix
The Nick and Gary Weekly

Listen to them all and more by clicking the Soundcloud link below

Set List

I can do multiple length sets..

anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 or 3 hours if necessary..