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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"O' Jove Pity Me"

We got to speak with band O Jove Pity Me, about their past, and new album plans!

Blending genres that most bands would shy away from in a heartbeat, and posessing the musical talent of bands twice their age, Caleb, Seth, John, Zach, and Alex, aka Ohio rock group O Jove Pity Me is poised for stardom The best part about it is, they're still in High School.

I got to chat with Caleb and Seth about their rock influences, and their new album plans.

[Hey guys this is the screamer/lyrics from O' Jove, Caleb and Seth Singer Lead Vocals, doing the interview!]

LoW: Where do you get your inspiration from?

OJPM: Listening to many different bands and incorporating genres that don't neccesarily belong together .ie Screamo/Soul/Reggae/Funk/Progressive/Indie/R&B/Jazz.

LoW: When did you figure out that music was what you wanted to do?

OJPM: I think for the guys it came after we recorded first song for new album and had such good response from it (I Saved Latin and Solved the Mystery of Dying Romantics).

LoW: What is your favorite song that you've ever recorded?
OJPM: Seth: Three Snaps Till the Cherry Grove Burns (New Album), Caleb: When the Rings Unite, Captain Planet! (New Album)

LoW: If you couldn't be doing music, what would you do?

OJPM: I, Caleb know i would be doing football, I have some scholarships for that, but who knows i might do both!

Seth:I'd be teaching High School History, my future profession.

LoW: What did you have for breakfast?

OJPM: Some of Momma's homemade cooking, Eggs and Bacon!

LoW: Do you remember the first song that got you into music/first song you listened to? If so, what was it?

OJPM: Caleb: Ohio is for Lovers -Hawthorne Heights.

Seth: Standing on the Edge of Summer -Thursday.

LoW: What artist, if any, would you compare yourself to?

OJPM: Nowadays it's a death wish to be too much like another band but we have qualities of Dance Gavin Dance, Circa Survive, Incubus, and The Fall of Troy.

LoW: Where do you see yourself in the business in 5 years?

OJPM: Hopefully we're signed to a record company, touring 24/7, and recording our 3rd Album!

LoW: Do you think success can/will change you?

OJPM: Caleb: No, I have gotten some accolades in football before and it makes me want to strive for the next best thing instead of dwelling on the present. Now as for Seth, being the lead vocalist and guitarist it may be diffficult (joke)

LoW: How does it feel being so young, but talented and focused on what you want?

OJPM: Well I think it gives us an edge being so young because we can grow and mature into something much better, ie Chiodos

LoW: What projects are you working on/Artists are you working with?

OJPM: Well right now we are recording a Full Length Album set for a March release. The title, well we'll release it right here on LifeOnWax.com!

"Ballroom Epic: Ballad of the Great Dancefloor Mystery".

It should be a meet a plethora of tastes in music with its Dualing vocals, high pitched guitar rifts, and jazzy bass lines... also not to mention James Baney from The Devil Wears Prada (Ferret Records/Rise Records) will be featured on it!

LoW: What would you like to say to your fans, old and new?

OJPM: Old fans, we love you guys and could never thank you enough especially those who saw our first ever basement show.

New fans, we hope to be a band you can connect with and enjoy for all of our different musical qualities. Thanks Guys for having us be sure to check us out on our myspace!! MySpace.com/ojovepityme

- Life On Wax


In the Shade of the Shelia Tree EP (2007 Independent Release)
Dinner With a Perfect Stranger
No More Marked Mousepads
Pipe Down, I Cant Hear the Northern Lights
Speaking in Vowels
Your Dinosaur Ate My Hanson Tee

Ballroom Epic (2008 Independent Release)
As Poems Go(An Intro)
When Rings Unite, Captain Planet!
Caught Up In the Scene In Your Skinny Black Jeans
Its Cool To Cuss In Ninja Suits
Orange and Blue Atoms= Musical Fusion
As Poems Go Pt. 2(An Interlude)
Flow of the O
Rats Live on No Evil Star
The Always Challenging Love Song
Dancing With Robots and Rattails
3 Snaps Till the Cherry Grove Burns



Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio O' Jove Pity Me presents a truly unique sound to the underground rock scene. Blending genres with little similarity ie Jazz, Screamo, R&B, Indie, and Progressive rock, they give you a new sound with every switch of the track. They venture outside the realms of current rock to bring you a sound of their own, conveying the themes and motifs which define them individually.

Relating to their current release "Ballroom Epic" the band took their writing and performance to a new level. The CD itself throws at you many different genres all within the one album. The record starts off edgy with an upbeat thrill and spirals into a melody driven awe inspiring conclusion, of epic proportions. It is a CD that ventures outside of the capabilities that are stereotyped to "local" bands. The CD will leave you begging for more and be one that can be played over and over due to its diversity of sounds and styles.

O' Jove's personality on stage is one that continues to grow and change, much like their genres. Spasmadic, may be the best term to describe their performance while on stage. Changing their "attitudes" to fit the style of song O' Jove changes it up to keep people involved and expecting something unique every change of the song. An overall exciting performance to match their unique style on CD.

This is a band defenitely worth the listen for many different reasons, but most of all their diverse choice of musical meshing. They are an exciting yet soothing band and one that will quench your musical thirst no matter what your flavor. Be sure to give them a listen and let their sound encompass you with its dynamic standing.