Lake Inferior

Lake Inferior



Many groups struggle to define themselves, but Lake Inferior have turned the tables and used that struggle to their benefit, refusing to be pigeonholed into a specific genre and instead creating incredibly eclectic and powerful songs that sounds as if they were composed rather than written. Calling Chapel Hill, NC, home, Lake Inferior is made up of Nasir Abbas (guitar, keyboards, lead vocals), Dax Beaton (piano, keyboards, lead vocals), Bo Beard (guitar, percussion), Logan Hornbuckle (drums), and Derek Torres (bass, vocals). Signed to Vinyl Records, the group's first release, Lake Inferior EP (2009), is a musical roller coaster. Warm electronic soundscapes build into indie rock guitars. Sing along choruses give way to punk codas. The inherent power in Lake Inferior's music should send this five-piece very far in the music world.


Lake Inferior EP