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Alternative Hiphop with a lot of Soul. These songs are street anthems with a socially aware message that is bigger than Hiphop.


Most people think of Brooklyn and the first thing that comes to mind is the over population of MC's and some damn good pizza. Well BK's got a new mascot now, Okai.

Born in East Flatbush, Okai began beating on anything he could get his hands on at the age of five. By the time his twelfth birthday came along hip hop had exploded and his ears were infected by the conscious sounds of collectives like The Natives Tongues, Leaders of The New School and Haitian band Boukman Eksperyans, to say the least. As his skills as an MC grew and his talents as a percussionist followed Okai began to go hard for his. He started doing madd shows like, opening for Billal at CBGB's, showing off his one of kind percussion skills at the 2006 Latin Grammy's at Madison Square Garden on stage with Louis Fonsi. And also performing with percussion group the Drumadics at the Fire House Theater in Portland, Oregon. He also opened for ?uestLove, of the Roots at S.O.B's.
Although most MC's pass around the term conscious like a blunt in a cipher, Okai is the one that actually inhales. As an immediate descendant of Haitian immigrants, Okai has an ear to the world and is tuned in to the struggle of the less fortunate. He recently gave a lecture at the United Nations on Haitian immigration and politics and also performed in Toronto, Canada at Gulu Walk, a fundraiser for the children of Uganda. Okai chose his name as homage to his homeland; Okai is the name of the city his family is from. While on the grind Okai got offered a deal on independent label in early 2005, and got up with legendary hip hop producer Ayatollah to create Dekonstruktion of the Mind.
Dekonstruktion of the Mind features hiphop soulstress Vinia Mojica on "No Question", and West Coast G Planet Asia on "Face/off" which is the b side to the 12" Bout That. The "Bout that" 12"is out now and has hit number one on college radio charts.


Bout That b/w Face/Off ft. Planet Asia 12"
-produced by Ayatollah.

Dekonstruktion of the Mind
-produced by Ayatollah.
features Vinia Mojica, Planet Asia, Tara Thomas, N-LYT-N aka Stupid, Jen Holland, M*E, and Boss Michelet.