Tokyo, Tōkyō, JPN

OKAMOTO'S are a teenage four piece from Tokyo with their unique style of psychedelic garage and a mix of R&B. They're performing over 100 shows at the age of 18/19, and are signed to Sony Music Japan.


Okamoto’s are a four piece hailing from Shinjuku, Tokyo. They take their name, just as the Ramones did, with all four members having the same surname; Drums – Reiji Okamoto, Bass – Hama Okamoto, Guitar – Kouki Okamoto, Vox – Shou Okamoto (taking the surname from their favorite Avant Garde painter Taro Okamato). At only 18/19 years old, this band is ready to fill the boots of the Ramones and become legends themselves.

With their unique style of psychedelic garage and a mix of R&B, Okamoto’s have been likened to The Rolling Stones, The Who and The Stooges.

Okamoto’s come with a message, at only 18 they already have the fire and passion to take over the world questioning the forefathers of Rock itself. 18/19s year olds not just knowing but having the courage to ask Bob Dylan if in fact “The times have actually changed” and of course still maintain the punk rock mentality in asking why are they not learning about rock in school. They have the guts of fearless teenagers, scaring us one adult at a time.
Live shows that make the blood curdle at the fact that they are still high school kids, the old are afraid, the young are eating it up. They really are a horrifying band!

June of 2009 saw them release their debut album “Here are Okamoto’s” and with over 100 live shows under their belt, Okamoto’s are going to just get better and scarier with every step they take.

So get on that “Rocket to Japan” because everyone is going to wanna dance with these guys!


1st album
"Here are OKAMOTO'S" released on 6/3/09