Coolum Beach, Queensland, AUS

Progressive Roots Music from Aus ...

‘Imagine Bob Marley Meets Stevie Wonder via the Chemical Brothers in a steaming rainforest – then you start to get the idea’


With a signature sound and unforgettable live reputation, OKA is still serving their Progressive Roots music. Electrified Digeridoo, heavy slide guitar, soaring flutes and juju rhythms are some of the many ingredients in this Australian sound that’s matured over a decade. Humble beginnings busking on street corners have led to global tripping & independent CD sales in excess of 100 000 albums. Their past is unique and reflects a sun-drenched coastal lifestyle they call home. Here we find them with their 6th studio album ‘Milk & Honey’ that hints to be the most exciting yet.

Incorporating flavours of Dub, Electronica, Hip-hop, Jazz and many forms of world music, for years people have tried to define the OKA sound. Instead, perhaps look at the line-up - Three characters with varying influences, backgrounds and talents. Stu Boga Fergie (Didgeristu), the big man behind the electronic beats & keys brings raw didgeridoo & vocals inspired by his aboriginal heritage. Chris lane plays captivating melody on Slide Guitar, Harmonica & Woodwinds including Bamboo Flute and Sax. Making up the trio is Samoan-Australian Charlie Zappa – a rhythm specialist with beats of Polynesian fire and deep pocket. Together they blend many pieces that is the OKA puzzle - A sound & force that touches the heart & feeds the soul.

OKA has showcased their musical flavour throughout Australia, Asia and North America at countless festivals including Earthdance and Joshua Tree in California, Montreal Jazz and Winnipeg Folk in Canada, Green Room Festival Japan & Woodford Folk Australia. In these arenas OKA has sent unsuspecting crowds into hypnotic frenzies, from moments of sonic purity and positive uprising, to high energy release. Having such a versatile sound, blending electronica, indigenous, contemporary and roots means they have thrived at the top World, Jazz, Folk and Electronic festivals.

Almost solely known through word of mouth, the un-conventional growth of these Aussie boys defies the norm. Relying on instinct, they have let their music and love for performing dictate direction. Each gig has a large element of jamming as well as album favourites. OKA gigs create a real time soundtrack, and an empowering vibe leaving listeners hungry for more.

‘Oka’s a trip man, you will find yourself at some point during their performance a little disorientated and wondering if someone has slipped something into your drink.’

‘Imagine Bob Marley Meets Stevie Wonder via the Chemical Brothers in a steaming rainforest – then you start to get the idea’

The much anticipated 2011 album ‘Milk & Honey’ brings a fresh and exciting addition to the OKA catalogue. It was created from on-stage jamming & relaxed sessions at their home Coolum beach on the Sunshine Coast. While keeping true to their indigenous roots the 14 track journey touches on new territory with vocal tracks & a soup of synth tones & beats not straying too far from the classic OKA feel.


Milk & Honey (2011) Oka Love (2009) Half Lazy Half Crazy (2008) Music Makes Me Happy (2006) One Talk (2004) Elements (2003)

Set List

One, Time Clock, Don't Stop, Totem, Music Makes Me Happy, Island Time, Unit 67, Freedom, Do It Like That, Exodus, Pandanus, Kingston, Free Me Dub, Oka Gets Ya High, Kap Kar
Festival set typically 45-60 mins depending on slot given
Gig set 90-120 mins