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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2019 | SELF

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | SELF
Established on Jan, 2019
Band Rock Alternative




"PREMIERE: Okay Dane Pick Up The Pieces On ‘Someday’"

Melbourne band Okay Dane craft punchy, anthemic indie rock in the vein of Violent Soho or WAAX. Their new single ‘Someday’, which we’re premiering here at Music Feeds today, is something of a new chapter for the band.

For one thing, it’s the first single from the band since they went from a duo to a four-piece. The addition of guitarist and vocalist Iseabail Lewis leads to some truly satisfying chorus harmonies that work a treat juxtaposed with the song’s searing guitars and propulsive rhythms – aided by another new addition, drummer Nathan Winn.

“These new singles have been the most collaborative that we’ve made so far, with every member pitching in ideas for lyrics, themes and melodies,” Okay Dane explain.

‘Someday’ is the second single the band have released so far this year, following up the thrashing ‘Erase’ back in May. ‘Someday’ is a little more of a slow-burner than its predecessor, with the band citing influences like Pixies and Ball Park Music.

Lyrically, ‘Someday’ centres around the aftermath of fucking up big time, but it’s deceptively optimistic, documenting the process of picking up the pieces and hopefully coming out better for it. According to the band, it’s “about the moment after saying something you can’t take back.” - Music Feeds

"Okay Dane drop dynamic new track ‘Someday’"

Melbourne four-piece Okay Dane have dropped their second single for 2020, ‘Someday’. The track hit streaming services today (September 11) and follows on from May single, ‘Erase’.

The track is the band’s first since welcoming guitarist/vocalist Iseabail Lewis and drummer Nathan Winn into their ranks.

Okay Dane recorded ‘Someday’ at Melbourne’s Homesurgery Recordings earlier this year. Jon Grace, best known for his work with Dear Seattle and KINGSWOOD, produced the track. The Getaway Plan and High Tension collaborator Sam K. Sproull oversaw the single’s mastering.

“We were lucky enough to record the last few days of February, right before everything shut down,” Okay Dane explained in a press statement today (September 11).

“We ended up with two singles we’re really proud of. The first being ‘Erase’, that we released in May; the second being ‘Someday’, which is a slower burn that indulges more of our indie-alternative influences like Pixies and Ball Park Music.”

Okay Dane said ‘Someday’ and its predecessor, ‘Erase’, have been the band’s most collaborative singles to date with “every member pitching in ideas for lyrics, themes and melodies.”

They added that “‘Someday’ is about the moment after saying something you can’t take back, realising that you fucked up.” - NME

"OKAY DANE Release Reflective New Single ‘Someday’"

Melbourne indie-rock group Okay Dane enter the second half of 2020 with a new dose of impactful and melodic music, announcing their new single Someday.

The release of Someday opens a new chapter for Okay Dane, with guitarist and vocalist Iseabail Lewis and drummer Nathan Winn now in the fold and some of their strongest and most collaborative new material yet.

With Someday, Okay Dane continue to show their strong dynamic that was previously heard on their May release, Erase. Someday is more indie-alternative than the harder rock sounds Okay Dane led with on early releases but to put them all in line consecutively, it is a natural progression for a band constantly evolving their musical identity.

Recorded at Melbourne’s Homesurgery Recordings earlier this year, pre-lockdown, Okay Dane worked with Jon Grace (Dear Seattle, KINGSWOOD) on production, engineering and mixing, before Someday was sent to Sam K. Sproull (High Tension, The Getaway Plan) for mastering. The experience, the band says, was one they relished particularly now as Melbourne began its new-normal of pandemic-induced life. “We were lucky enough to record the last few days of February, right before everything shut down, and we ended up with two singles we’re really proud of. The first being Erase, that we released in May; the second being Someday, which is a slower burn that indulges more of our indie-alternative influences like Pixies and Ball Park Music.” Okay Dane

Someday is reflective in lyrical nature, as Okay Dane takes on the process of navigating your way back from tough situations with another individual. “These new singles have been the most collaborative that we’ve made so far, with every member pitching in ideas for lyrics, themes and melodies. Someday is about the moment after saying something you can’t take back, realising that you fucked up.” Okay Dane - Good Call Live

"PREMIERE: Okay Dane unleash their epic new single ‘Erase’"

Okay Dane make music that’ll punch you in the stomach, then get stuck in your head. Since dropping their debut single in 2019, the Melbourne-based outfit have carved out a unique space for themselves in the Australian alt-rock scene; they balance hard-hitting energy with carefully-crafted melodies.

With the release of their latest single Erase, the group continue to establish their penchant for crafting huge, well-thought-out rock bangers. If you’re not already across this band, now is the perfect time for you to change that.

On their new single Erase, Melbourne-based outfit Okay Dane present a chaotic, hard-hitting, and infectiously melodic slice of punk glory.

All throughout the new single, Okay Dane stomp through a blistering concoction of grunge and slacker-punk, delivering something refreshingly direct. The track doesn’t fuck around with an unnecessarily long intro — it explodes into existence with pounding percussion and arresting vocal hooks. Guitars drone in the background before locking into a brutal groove; then the band give a brief moment’s reprieve before launching into an epic chorus. And seriously, these guys know how to write a chorus.

From here, the song builds and builds. Over the course of its punchy three-and-a-half-minute run-time, it escalates into something soaring and chaotic. Towards its conclusion, the track descends into a frantic breakdown. By this point, you’ll have been roped in completely by Okay Dane’s massive blend of sounds.

This is the latest in a string of consistently great releases from this Melbourne band, and judging by the quality of everything we’ve heard so far, I think we can safely expect plenty more great tunes.

In the meantime, do yourself a favour and listen to the new track above. - Happy Mag

"Okay Dane Create A Headache With Their New EP"

Melbourne alt-rocker punks, Okay Dane are ready to administer a healthy dose of fuzzed-out punk with their fiery new single, 'Headache'.

Alongside 'Headache', the newly extended four-piece are buttering us up for their five-track EP 'Alienation'.

These guys have had a jam-packed year as it is – honing their craft, introducing an additional member to their line-up, and switching up their band name to something a bit more palatable. “We are now a four-piece [band],” lead singer, Jake Kougioumtzis says.

“We've been going for a couple of years and have recently undergone a name change. I guess we found a better sense of identity. We're all about the fuzzy, alt-rock that harkens back to the early '90s.”

Formally known as Funk Dancing For Self Defence (a reference fans of 'The Simpsons' are sure to appreciate), the lads decided it was time to ditch the wordy moniker for something easier to wrap your head around.

“When we started, we needed to find a name; we kind of thought band names were a bit dumb, so we put a bunch of 'The Simpsons' references in a hat, and that was the one we picked.

“We were sort of throwing people by having the word 'funk' in our name, when that's not really what we're about.

“When it came to picking the new name, we wanted a shorter, catchier one. We had a huge list of over 100 names, and we kind of threw it around with our PR team and our producer. . . and they all ended up liking 'Okay Dane'. Essentially I was taking the dog breed Great Dane, and finding one that wasn't that great.”

Regardless of the Dane in question's calibre, the band never fail to deliver energetic music with the 'Alienation' EP no different. The inspiration for lead single 'Headache' stems from the desire to open their live shows with an aggressive, high-energy track, coupled with the boy's need to blow-off some steam after developing a spot of cabin fever during the recording process for 'Alienation'.

“When we were going on tour, we wanted a really fast punk song to open the set with. We started writing something that was really high energy. And the lyrics didn't come until closer to finishing recording.

“We'd already done all the music. We thought it was quite thrashy and sounded quite angry, and that this would be a good time to air out any frustrations we had with each other or anyone else in the world. It was mostly just a big f... you to anyone who had wasted our time. It's sort of multifaceted in that way.

“The last lyric we tracked for the EP was the gang vocals: 'You're such a f... face!'. It was all of us, the producer and all band members. After being cooped up all together for about two weeks, it was really good to get that out!”

When it came time to record the EP, Jake says they brought a swag of potential songs to the studio. “We took about twenty songs in [to Homesurgery Recording Studio], and four out of the five that were chosen for the EP were earlier ones that we had written hastily for the tour – they ended up being the best songs!

“Our secret weapon is our producer Jon Grace (Bakers Eddy, Dear Seattle, Kingswood). Every time we recorded with him, he became another member. He's an absolute mad man. He told us that out of all the bands he's had in [the studio], we were the worst when it came to the messed-up banter. We really pushed him to his limits, but he was able to keep up.”

In light of their slew of new material as well as a new band member, Okay Dane are planning to tackle the new year with plenty of gusto. “In 2020 we will be writing some new music,” enthuses Jake.

“Now, we have the luxury of having two guitars and more people to harmonise with. If next year is anything like this year, we'll going on another tour or two and probably do another single or two. We've had a really busy year, but we're going to up the ante in 2020.” - Scenestr

"New Music from OKAY DANE"

Having turned heads upon the release of their fiery track ‘God Complex’ earlier this year, Melbourne’s Okay Dane returns with a second serving of expertly crafted rock music time in new single, ‘Headache’. Taken from their debut EP Alienation the sounds fit perfectly with what we’ve heard from Okay Dane already this year. Fast-paced, anthemic and rooted in fun and energetic rock territory, the new music from the band is a great indicator of what is still to come.

Capping off a fruitful year of recording and showcasing of some hectic new music, the trio have embraced a new chapter of the band with a chaotic passion driving each new move.

So much so, Okay Dane’s latest is another example of how tight the band has become as a writing and performance unit. The chorus builds in a way that it is easy to imagine sweaty crowds singing along with the undistilled glee you can only get at a rock show. Laid down at Melbourne’s Homesurgery Recordings with Jon Grace (Dear Seattle, Kingswood) and mastered by Sam K Sproull, ‘Headache’ is anything but.

“‘Headache’ is the most pissed off and frenetic we’ve been on a recording. It felt really good to record and is always a blast to play live. Lyrically it’s the most to the point and juvenile we’ve been too, which was heaps of fun. At its heart, it’s about lashing out and being frustrated with someone who can’t be reasoned with.” Okay Dane - Heavy Mag

"Okay Dane Dish Out Slacker Punk Gore On New Single ‘Headache’"

Melbourne alternative rock trio Okay Dane deliver the goods with new thrash punk tunes ‘Headache’ and soon to be released EP Alienation.

Jake Kougioumtzis (Guitar, Vocals) Liam Cameron-Smith (Bass) Nathan Winn (Drums) are the three gentlemen behind punk outfit Okay Dane.

After releasing their raucous guitar driven track ‘Pretend’ in early 2019, Okay Dane are set to show some new tunes and embark on another tour to finish off the year.

With their fast paced punk guitar riffs combined with slurry rhythmic chorus chimes, Okay Dane present a head banging ruckus that makes you release all that inner bottled up catharsis in new tune ‘Headache’.

The start of the music video shows the band’s sense of humour, parodying a Playschool–esque film set. The song kicks off with a whirlpool guitar suction which pulls you in for a ride. The video really captures the band’s slacker punk style, showing the trio demolish the film set which matches the chaotic yet joyful aesthetic of the song’s composition.

Okay Dane teamed up with collaborator/director Nathan Klooger to bring ‘Headache’ to life.

According to the band:

“The video for ‘Headache’ is a total riot and it matches the lyrical content of the song perfectly. With the childish nature of some of the lyrics, it made a lot of sense to place this video in a children’s show. It was cathartic to completely obliterate our faux-play school set! The video was filmed and directed by Nathan Klooger, who assisted on the ‘Pretend’ video, and we had some cast from ‘Pretend’ returning as well for this video.”

With their first EP underway, Okay Dane are proud to say it is a defining first effort as a group.

“Alienation has a lot of firsts for us. It’s the first project where we’ve indulged our punk influences and played things faster and louder. It’s also got our most vulnerable and laidback song on it too. It was good to explore all these sounds while continuing to develop the grungy slacker style we had established on ‘Pretend’.”

Alienation was recorded at Homesurgery Recordings and is set to be released on Friday the 29th of November. Okay Dane are ready to let loose anarchic fun, they are a rock band on the horizon that oozes punk brilliance of such Aussie bands like Violent Soho, DZ Deathrays and Dear Seattle. Go check them out right now! - Fashion Industry Broadcast

"Okay Dane releases single called ‘God Complex’."

Alt-rock trio Okay Dane have been tirelessly touring the music venues of Melbourne sincel 2016. Known for their high energy performance they have built up a solid following. They have just released a great new single called ‘God Complex’. I was impressed by the way ‘God Complex’ stirred my emotions, an exploration of a break down of relationship, I can relate to the turmoil inside while realising that you are not being yourself in a relationship. I particularly like the line ” I am a brand new person but I am made of broken parts”. If ‘God Complex’ is an indication of what is on their Alienation EP I am looking forward to hearing that. Check out ‘God Complex’ here and if you are an Aussie check out their tour info below for starting this weekend. - Music Injection

"Exclusive Single Premiere: Okay Dane “God Complex” (2019)"

Neck-twisting, toe-tapping alt-rockers Okay Dane have served up the first single from their new EP Alienation. Ambitiously titled “God Complex”, the brand new single wastes absolutely no time in dipping back in the hard and fast vibe of 90s rock, hot wheeling towards chaos and catharsis.

“[the song] is all about being taken advantage of and being powerless to do anything about it”, explained the Melbourne band. “It was written in a time fraught with frustration and angst, and that was a key emotion in how we wanted this to sound; it is well balanced with how fun it is to play and how hard it kicks! It’s pissed off and it’s bitter, but it’s also fun and cathartic”.

Anyone who eats up the tough and robust sounds of fellow Aussies Violent Soho should take straight to this one, which packs in a luscious melody squeezed amongst all that pent up energy. Give it a listen below and make sure you’re checking out for the band when they tour up and down the east coast all throughout October. - The AU Review


Still working on that hot first release.



Perched precariously between the dirty and rough sounds of 90's alternative and the catchy melodies of modern Australian indie-rock, lies Melbourne outfit Okay Dane. With eclectic tastes from Smashing Pumpkins to Ballpark Music, they manage to create a unique and yet familiar sound equally ideal for head banging in a sweaty dive bar, and for having a sad cry in the shower.

Releasing their debut single 'Pretend' in early 2019, Okay Dane has only gone from strength to strength. Shortly after recording their debut EP; 'Alienation' at Homesurgery Recordings with Jon Grace (Dear Seattle, Kingswood, Bakers Eddy) they would gig heavily around Melbourne, carving out a loyal following in the local music scene. They would go on to take their performance around Australia across multiple tours, introducing the rest of the country to their energetic and sweaty live shows.

Their latest release 'Erase' (serving as the introduction of new band members Iseabail and Nathan) would go on to receive commercial and critical success, even picking up a spin with Bryce Mills on Triple J.

Having made it through 2020 in one piece, Okay Dane have new music in the tank, and hefty ambitions to make sure 2021 is going to be one to remember.

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