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Real Hip Hop. Groundbreaking. Energy Defying. Lyrcially Defining. Musically Devoted To a Point We're Overloading. Passion & Desire Paves the Way for our Determination to Succeed. Acting as New School Leaders Striving and Building toward a more Dynamic Scene.


After only 9 months of performing together as a duo, Ray Black and MadMak have created quite the name for themselves in London's hip hop scene. Both artists attend Fanshawe College, where they are studying Music Industry Arts. They have been taught various production techniques and learn about business in the industry. The combination of two very distinct styles is what makes their sound so addicting. Their love for real hip hop and the culture is shown through their influences which range from Swollen Members and Planet Asia to Common and J dilla. [After all, good music is good music, right?] Crashing the stage as much as possible is an everyday thing for Ray Black & MadMak. With their energy powered beats and real in your face attitude, stage performances are breath-taking as they take the real definition of an MC and control the crowd to the fullest.

Yeah...Yeah...Yeah...Read On...Read On... A quick Bio kidz...

William "MAD" Makrigaini aka Bill Maka was born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario. Reigning out of the Tri-Cities where he took it upon himself over the past few years to promote, produce and perform in all of his own master crafted events. With his distinct voice and on point delivery, MadMak is able to catch the listener's attention from the first bar. In August 2006, he released his debut LP "Whatever Happens, Happens" which blessed the ears of everyone who heard it. Classified as an alter-ego MC, he loves to fluently write about everything and anything people can relate too. MadMak not only writes to the people but FOR them as well. It may not even be a particular situation he has encountered but something someone else has experienced. Through the music, he will speak for them. This allows the fans to have a voice too. MadMak, he may be Mad, but not out of his mind... the "CC" that's what's UP.

Hailing from the GTA, Ray Black captures the essence of positivity in his songs. He loves to motivate people through his lyrics and does it well. In 2006 at NXNE, Ray Black had the oppurtunity to perform with world-known producer, Nicolay. Since then, they have collaborated on a couple songs and even met up in North Carolina for a show and to work in the studio. Ray Black's debut LP "Cruise Control" was released in the summer of 2006. The title represents relaxation and setting your mind on cruise control when listening to the album. With his strong focus on lyrics he believes the music speaks for itself.

Both emcees have their singles in heavy rotation on 106.9fm in London. Continuing to work on various mixtapes and their debut LP as a duo, they are also setting up an Ontario and B.C. tour this summer. Ray Black & MadMak are hungry and on the rise...


Not Much

Written By: William

Come On...
Your Crazy for this one Millz...
Lets Go...

So poeticly credibly king
Carnavoricly crippling
Blood brutaly drippling
Slipping into a confusional cancerest comma
Throw up some dope and light up that aroma
Entitled to one call I was just about to phone ya
My lyrical ways legal days pays when Im blazed
So stand back and be amazed
As Im nominated and rated as one of the greats
So let me translate what Im about to state, what Im about to state
Im a python injecting into zion
Im a icon killin tracks most MCs die on Dragon regin of fire Gagon till slain disire the fine wire is higher admired.

You know its funny
the way I walk this way
the way I talk this way
the way I walk this way talk this way...
You know its riskay
when you walk this way
when you talk this way
when you walk this way talk this way...

As I sit and reflect
To many damn regrets
To many culutral threats
To many hand to hand bets
The looks I endure and Im sure
It feel like Im looured
Into single traps
Of Bling Bling Bap Bap
Makes me want to guit rap
Bridgin the gap holdin a strap
Rapped Rocked and Rolled till I collapse This shits for battleaxe
Millz be spinnin that wax
Elements of the MadMak
Elegant beats on these tracks
You say you dont come in stacked
Well fuck that
You should have just brought your pencil
You cant even rap to an instrumental
Locked jawed and mental
Essential to this credential
For you to think this influential mind had been identified
Then when the high tide has risen
This shit affects my vision
To be an MC i guess you have to go to prision
I treat it as a part of my religion
Cuz all it was, was a single vision...


So many dues to pay...

Days Go By

Written By: Raymond Black

Verse 1:

Feel the beat
Come on, feel it in your soul
Let it flow
Set your mind on cruise control
Ray's killin em, serial lyrical murderer, servin em hits
no lie, the ridiculous wordsmith
As hard as it gets
Remember don't forget
Whack mcees
i bring death to just like cigarettes
Connect through Usb
In ports outside of seas
I see through eyes of an intelligent mastermind
I ain't a gangsta
I ain't packin them 9's
But I'll kick your ass like neo did
All 3 times
As days go by
Blue skies to moonlight
On the winning side
Unlike the bulls without Mike
Stay on the grind
Gotta realize the committment
Without precision you'll be flatlined in an instant
Hip Hop's the main style that i embrace
Got the place so loud the tweeters are pumping bass


Verse 2:

I strive to be the best at my art
Stabbed in the back hard
Should have realized and known from the start
Kept my head on straight climbing the charts
Each word that I'm writing
Comes straight from the heart
Listen up for this part
Drinking juice in the hood
Start acting a menace
Come home, people callin me dennis
Hip hop's got me locked up with a death sentence
Can't evict me
Ain't livin the life of a tenant
Like apache jump on it
Sick flow so i flaunt
The dragon I write fire like Shakespeare writes sonnets
Alright man
Now I seem Conspicuous
I remain subtle
Even magyver couldn't make this bust
Watch me glow as I admit this energy
Constantly powered by hydro endlessly
Comparable to LeBron like him I'm chosen
When it's done I'm the one cyrogenically frozen

Hook 2

Bridge x2
As days go by
I realize the only limit's the sky
Reach for the stars if i get that far
And start setting the bar
If you feel me come on x2


MadMak "Swollen Dragon 8 Track DEMO" - 2005
MadMak "Whatever Happens, Happens" LP - 2006
Single Title: "Never Stop Speakin' It"

Ray Black "Cruise Control" LP - 2006
Single Title: " Days Go By"

Both singles are featured on 106.9fm The X(London, Ontario's Urban Radio) and are currently in heavy rotation.

Set List

All our material is original and we can perform up to 2 hours.

Track Listing/Set List

1. Whats Good - Produced by the Adams Apple
2. ODD JOINT - Produced by Incsie
3. Strivin and Buildin - Produced by Incsie
4. The Underground Change Up - Produced by Millz
5. Just Like the "CC" - Produced by Millz
6. Avenue of Livin - Produced by the Adams Apple
7. Streets is Callin - Produced by Incise
8. Ya Know What Im Like - Prodcued by Millz
9. Point of No Return - Produced by SPC
10. Dead Prez HIPHOP (cover)

Solo material that is worked into the set
11. the Truth - MadMak - produced by SPC
12. Formula - Ray Black - produced by Incise
13. Paranoid Pressence - MadMak - produced by Incise
14. Days Go By - Ray Black - produced by Incise
15. AKA MadMak - MadMak - produced by SPC
16. Its Possible - Ray Black - Produced by Da Beatzsmith
17. Not Much - MadMak - produced by Millz
18. Spring Time in the City - produced by Nicolay
19. Never Stop Speakin' It - MadMak - produced by