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every child's champion

Written By: okon ekpenyong

Every child’s champion
By Okon Ekpenyong
Dedicated to all of the teachers out there

I’ve seen you fly
While you were weak
You’ve shown love
While other shows disgust
You’ve been misunderstood
But I see the hunger on your face
You’re every child’s champion

You were a sista
Then you became a mother
Through the vision of your seeds
You became a teacher

You’re every child’s champion
A hero that don’t take vacations
A friend that holds your hands to the very end
You’re every child’s champion
You try variety of ways to show that you care
You go beyond wat’s written on the book
If you ever learn something from a child
You knowledge them for it
Oh, you’re every child’s champion

You’re like a father figure
You’re like a mother figure
You’re like a brother figure
You’re like a sister figure
You’re every child’s champion

You found ways to understand
You were like my best friend
When I became so blind
You were the wind
Helps guard me to my ultimate destination

I wonder where you are
Coz I don’t believe I had thanked you enough
You made me laughed
Though at times I may have thought you were tough
But now it is all coming clear on yur reasons why
So wherever you are
I’ve got you on my prayer list