Okie Weiss & The Murder Ballads

Okie Weiss & The Murder Ballads


This band is five young guns a-blazin as one! Well-schooled but raw, their newgrass sound is virtuosic and their stage energy...utterly infectious.


There's not many bands young bands that can shift seamlessly from a blazing Bill Monroe classic to a 300-yr-old Turkish string-band instrumental, then proceed to shake the foundations with a foot-stomping original soul tune. But then, not many bands have the necessary ingredients for the piping-hot dish that is Okie Weiss & The Murder Ballads. The band was born out of the weekly all-night picking sessions at the Cock 'n Bull Pub on the infamous Rue St. Catherine, right down in the heart of Montreal - the jazz city.
Each member of the band is a schooled musician in his own right with heavy jazz or classical backgrounds. Brian (mandolin) and Pete (guitar) are originally from the USA and were drawn to Montreal by its musical legacy (and its beautiful women). Naturally, they flatpicked their way into the hearts of the kickinest bluegrass and jazz players in the city: Joe Grass (resophonic slide guitar), Jarrod Atkinson (bass) and Adam Stotland (guitar).
The five establised a musical residency at the Cock n' Bull on Sunday nights, packing the house each week and turning Sunday into the new Saturday, or dare I say, Friday. Using the traditional string-band format, the boys delved into the music they loved: classic bluegrass, newgrass, klezmer, western swing and classic rock, soul and rhythm 'n blues. People young and old were turning up and staying up to share in the energetic grooves these boys laid down until 3 AM each night.
In November 2006, Okie Weiss & The Murder Ballads hit the studio to record an album of totally original newgrass material. Having emerged in high spirits, they're ready to take their fire on the road in 2007, confident that audiences around North America will respond like the good people of Montreal.
The motto says it all: Faster. Meaner. Murder.


Hiding In The Bushes

Written By: P. Okie Weiss

Verse 1:
It's a cloudy morning, the kind that makes you want to stay in bed/ So I'm hiding in the bushes at work so I can write you a song instead/ I got some seeds to sow, got 'em all in a row, I'm all dressed up and nowhere to go/ Cause since you been gone, honey, nothing seem to want to grow

Verse 2:
Last night I had ramen noodles, night before was a casserole/ Well they kinda filled me up but they could never give me what I need, you know/ All this noodling around, it's kinda getting me down/ Oh baby sweet baby you're the only thing that's good for me

Well, don't you know, I'm a-taking it slow and I'm saving you the best of me/ But baby don't delay, cause I'll waste away, from living so unhealthily/ Oh now baby, won't you roll on home to me

I got my hands in my pockets and my pockets in my pants/ I'm in the bushes doing the lonely heart dance/ Ain't no fun in the bush for one, so Baby let me be your man/ Baby let me baby your man/ Oh, Baby lemme be your man

Verse 3:
When the boss man comes he'll put an end to my fun, he'll put an end to my messing around/ Yeah, he'll take my rake, and he'll tell me start walking, and I better not turn around/ But I don't mind, cause soon he'll find, ain't nothing gonna grow on a troubled mind/ And when my baby gets here, summer's coming close behind

Chorus (extended):
And don't know you know, I'm a-taking it slow and I'm saving you the best of me/ But baby hurry and arrive 'cause I been deprived of how sweet this life can be/ Oh now baby, won't you roll on home to me/
I said, oh now sugar, won't you be my only luxury/ Oh now baby, won't you come and feed me broccoli/ Oh now honey won't you roll on home to me


Written By: P. Okie Weiss

It's raining down in Masontown/ And the creeks are running high/ And the breezes swell to bid farewell/ To the mayflies as they die

I don't know why it feels so high/ On this small piece of ground/ Just watching dew fall down on you beneath the ancient oaks/ And watching him tell you jokes

My brother and my best friend's girl
All alone with me on top of the world
One love is right, one love is wrong

As long as my bro keeps me laughing so/ I can hide this fear away/ Oh, that a month ago I didn't know your smile from the rain/ Now I'm hopeless in your long skirt's sway

You loved my friend, he loved you then/ But he could not show you how/ And it hurts to know that the heart he broke/ Is the one beside me now

My brother and my best friend's girl
All alone with me on top of the world
One love is right one love is wrong
But it feels the same today

My brother leaves, you turn to me/ With your dark hair rainy wild/ And it's then I know, why it hurts me so/ Every time I see you smile/ And I've known it for a while

I'm in love with my best friend's girl
All alone with me on top of the world
One love is right one love is wrong
When love is right can't do no wrong
Can't hold you tight for very long
So up here we will stay
So far away



Okie Weiss and the Murder Ballads recorded their debut album, "Sciota, Peru" in November 2006.