ok kino

ok kino


A fresh mix of indie rock, math, blues, and progressive jazz crafted into high energy, thoughtful music. Influenced by the pains and joys of living as well as Led Zeppelin, The Roots Band, Radiohead, John Coltrane, M. Brecker and Frank Zappa among others.


Emerging from the mind of a son of the Slugger City and materializing into b sides and strange overtones Ok Kino is a persistent soundtrack. Waking head movies and slumbering dreams of an alternate conciousnous. Broadcasting from uncharted origins filtering and unfurling melodies, breakbeat grooves,sublime messages of preservation and celerity.

Ok Kino came together in 2008 in late night writing sessions with a purpose of creating and performing original music. Drawing from a wide range of influences the band began developing a sound that was rooted in rock but frequented blues, jam band, and prog jazz sensibilities. Ok Kino is Drew Miller on vocals and saxophone (Lucky Pineapple, E Q Trio), Wade Honey on the keyboard, Nick Kuypers on the bass, Nick Beach(Over the Weather, Onward Pilgram) on drums and has recently added guitarist Charlie Rivera (the Outfit) to the mix. The band recently completed an EP funded in part by the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts and Toyota and will be released in the coming months.
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1.Louisville is for lovers Compilation bonus disc
2.Independent release of an EP that was sponsored in part by the Kentucky Center for the Arts GSA and Toyota Motor Manufacturing

Set List

Scale Face
Blood Diamond
Mills Tone
A Melody to Ease the Pain
Keep on Telling Myself
Spun Out
Do What You Do
Mad River
Shipping News
Smashed into a Sentence
Solstice Holiday
to and from the killing fields

Sets are usually made up of our originals and vary in length depending on the circumstances surrounding the gig. Typicall they are no shorter than 45 minutes and usually no longer than an hour and a half. We can rock it for one to three sets if needed!