Okkol Pixxan

Okkol Pixxan


Okkol Pixxan is a gothic rock band that offers a different and unique vision of death: The prehispanic point of view. Mixing elements of gothic and prehispanic cultures, Okkol Pixxan develops music, image and concept that stands out among of the others.


While studying Communication at university, I chose "Death & Erotism In Arts" for my thesis work topic. I researched about the differences between the European and the Prehispanic vision of death.

This made me realize that gothic music has been showing the European point of view of death culture, but who has been showing the world what the ancient mayas or aztecs think about death?

I decided to develop a rock project mixing gothic rock music with a blend of Prehispanic sounds including percussions and different kinds of flutes and several other traditional instruments.

Concerning the lyrics I have been writing about the old legends and stories about life, death, ghosts and other related topics from these ancients civilizations.

The Okkol Pixxan band name was chosen because is the name the old mayas used when referring to spiritual entities which kidnapped the souls from dying bodies.

The Okkol Pixxan musical influences include: Theatre of Tragedy (Norway), Tiamat, Therion (Sweden), Nightwish (Finland), Lacuna Coil (Italy), After Forever, Epica (Holland) and Moonspell (Portugal) among others.


Demo CD

Set List

1. Bloody Beautiful Flower (Okkol Pixxan)
2. Bleed my dick (Okkol Pixxan)
3. Scream in the dark (Okkol Pixxan)
4. Los hijos del Sol (Okkol Pixxan)
5. Buried messages (Okkol Pixxan)
6. Vote for love (Tiamat)
7. I wish I had an angel (Nightwish)
8. To the edge (Lacuna Coil)