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a weekday show at the cavernous venue at Queen and Bathurst is a thing of terrible beauty. The reverb is one of those places that's hard to fill, and when out-of-town bands and 90s flashback raves aren't going down there, it's often a repository for low-level bands to attempt a mixture of honing their craft and having fun. The giddiness of Fresh Meat bassist Scooter , for whom the club had been swathed in streamers and balloons, indicated that fun was definitely on the agenda for that band. But their set was somewhat reserved; normally chatty frontwoman Tina Gravelson gave the birthday boy the floor, and between songs he urged the crowd to drink more, alternately praising his ability to play drunkenly and apologizing for his drunken playing. The crowd responded dumbfoundedly to the band's blend of wailing alternative rock and crazy antics.

They play the Kathedral the first Monday of each month, so investigate further if you enjoy seeing tall women and "alternative" dudes having fun onstage.

Oklahoma Bomb Squad were not, as you'd expect from their name, a bunch of teenage hardcore kids. Frontman Dee Troyit 's ridiculously huge head of curls resembles an oversized sea anemone, while the rest of his appearance pays homage to Ted Nugent. Then there was burly bandana-wearing bassist Perry Coma and mohawked, goateed guitarist Mr. Nightmare.

Did I mention that Troyit was singing into possibly the lowest microphone stand this side of Killdozer? OBS actually perked up the night, busting into some well-played, loose punky thrash and screaming, "Bring it on!" to introduce songs.

As the set went on, the influence of Glenn Danzig and the Misfits began to take over: many songs featured the patented Danzig "oh-whoa-whoa." OBS was definitely entertaining, though. At the end of their set, they brought an even drunker Scooter onstage, mere minutes before the party ended for him and the barfing began.

- NOW Magazine - March '04


"Just Watch Me EP" - 1996
"Soundtrack to the Apocalypse" - 2001
"Soundtrack to the Apocalypse Part II" - 2002
"Still Alive" - 2004
"All Good Cretins Go To Heaven" Ramones Tribute Compilation - Cargo Records 2005 - Released in Germany/Switzerland/Austria(http://www.ramones-tribute.de/statements.php)



Agressive, emotional, and self-reliant, Oklahoma Bomb Squad has spent most of their time fighting the evils of corporate pop. The Toronto based band epitomises the concept of the underdog who refuses to lie down and die. "They'll NEVER make us stop".

Oklahoma Bomb Squad is currently in the studio recording about 18 new tracks, some of which, or maybe all will appear on their forthcoming album to be released in 2007. Some of these songs you may have already heard live in the past year. Oklahoma Bomb Squad's performances are loud, aggresive and high-powered. Fans continue to come and experience the great show this bombshell of a quartet puts forth.

Oklahoma Bomb Squad's influences are many, ranging from Misfits, Motorhead, Pantera, Fu Manchu, Queens Of The Stone Age, Nomeansno, and Ramones just to name a few.

What set's Oklahoma Bomb Squad apart from other bands is definately in the live performance. Once the show starts it's not over until the last song is played, leaving very little gaps between songs and leaving the audience feeling like they've just been run over by a freight train.