Oklahoma Bomb Squad

Oklahoma Bomb Squad


Oklahoma Bomb Squad's music is powerful and energetic. A mix of Punk, Metal and just enough Pop to get the audience wanting more.


Agressive, emotional, and self-reliant, Oklahoma Bomb Squad has spent most of their time fighting the evils of corporate pop. The Toronto based band epitomises the concept of the underdog who refuses to lie down and die. "They'll NEVER make us stop".

Oklahoma Bomb Squad is currently in the studio recording about 18 new tracks, some of which, or maybe all will appear on their forthcoming album to be released in 2007. Some of these songs you may have already heard live in the past year. Oklahoma Bomb Squad's performances are loud, aggresive and high-powered. Fans continue to come and experience the great show this bombshell of a quartet puts forth.

Oklahoma Bomb Squad's influences are many, ranging from Misfits, Motorhead, Pantera, Fu Manchu, Queens Of The Stone Age, Nomeansno, and Ramones just to name a few.

What set's Oklahoma Bomb Squad apart from other bands is definately in the live performance. Once the show starts it's not over until the last song is played, leaving very little gaps between songs and leaving the audience feeling like they've just been run over by a freight train.


"Just Watch Me EP" - 1996
"Soundtrack to the Apocalypse" - 2001
"Soundtrack to the Apocalypse Part II" - 2002
"Still Alive" - 2004
"All Good Cretins Go To Heaven" Ramones Tribute Compilation - Cargo Records 2005 - Released in Germany/Switzerland/Austria(http://www.ramones-tribute.de/statements.php)

Set List

Current set list comprised of all new songs - Running time approx. 45 mins.

1. Who Do You Love
2. Darkness
3. Only Happy When It Rains(Garbage cover song)
4. Just Watch Me
5. Cannibal Song
6. H8SK8'N'4NIK8
7. Jesus Likes To Rock
8. Nova Cain
9. Bastille Day Part II
10. Tomb
11. Ya Ya You
12. Hell In A Hand Basket
13. Sway