Okra Win Free

Okra Win Free


ROCK n' ROLL with passion and soul.... We pull out all stops when perfoming.. we want our fans to leave feeling good about themselves and feel connected to something... We are a group of singers, songwriters and musicians that have passion for music and passion for life.. We hope you enjoy our music


Michael Deej’s passion for music began not with a guitar or microphone, but with a pair of headphones. Exposed to the experimental and innovative sounds of rock acts such as Led Zeppelin, Cream, Yes, Peter Gabriel, and Pearl Jam, he cultivated a unique and introspective approach to writing music. Initially drawn to a harder sound, Michael has since incorporated a wide range of modern influences, resulting in infectious, innovative and evocative songs.

Michael’s fan base has continued to progress with his style and ability, growing loyal and diverse over time. He has performed at some of the most desirable venues in the tri-state area, and has opened for acts such as King’s X, Corey Glover, Stinger, and Third Eye Blind. With each event he displays passion, grace, and charisma, hitting on a wide-range of emotions, always leaving the audience craving more.

Recently Michael has recorded a 12 song Album in Nashville, TN with producer Will Smith. An array of seasoned professionals worked with Michael to create a CD which showcases Michael’s songwriting abilites. Shortly thereafter, Michael performed a showcase in August in Nashville for representatives from Warner Brothers, Curb Records, and others. While interest in Michael’s talent is high, his inventive sound continues to evolve, and his dedication to his craft has propelled his pursuit to identify a label which will be the “perfect fit.”


12 Song Full Album of Original includes......

Carry The Fool
7 Americans
Spiral Down
Best Friend
Sex Drive
The Crown
Under The Stairs
Fancy With The Stones
The Stalker Song

Set List

Partial Song List
Cover Songs

stone temple pilots..wicked garden

pearl jam(corduroy,daughter,even flow,nothing man, betterman, black, indifferene, state of love and trust, alive, glorified g, given to fly)
led zeppelin..the ocean, babe i'm gonna leave u, communication breakdown, thank you)
van morrison..domino
michael jackson..wanna be startin something,billy jean

perfect circle.. Judith
beatles..sgt peppers
r.e.m…everybody hurts
van halen..unchained
creedance..fortunate son

smashing pumpkins..(cherub rock, disarmed, today)
rolling stone..jumpin’ jack flash

chili peppers.. breaking the girl, i coudl've lied, scare tissue0

radiohead..creep, the bends, high and dry, karma police)

pink floyd..hey you, wish you were here

hendrix..little wing, angel, purple haze)

incubus..wish u were here

guns n roses..you