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OKTBRWRLD (Pronounced OCTOBER WORLD), a group of seasoned musicians on a quest to uncover the sounds that make them laugh, reflect their lows, embrace their 'ahs' and tell stories from the depths of their ancestors' souls.

OKTBRWRLD, founded by guitarist/songwriter Elnathan K. Starnes has been captivating audiences since 1997 with the sounds of two guitars, a bass and vocals that sing out melodies best described as Alternative Rhythm & Blues (AR&B). Purposely staying raw and true to the early ages of music, before 'electronica, this quartet is unique in its formation and performance style. Entertaining, captivating and most of all funky... OKTBRWRLD is in control!

OKTBRWRLD has received national attention by performing in prominent venues, syndicated radio and television.
"...Amazing ...Incredibly talented musicians." Michel Wright MHZ Megahertz Urban/95.5 WPGC Radio. Oktbrwrld is winning over fans with every performance. "You can call them 'neo-soul' but locally based Oktbrwrld is so much more than that. Sure, they've got the soul grooves, but they have sharp pop and funk chops to boot, making them one of the best all-around bands in Washington" Eric Brace, Washington Post.

OKTBRWRLD is known for creating an exciting musical spirit that exists well beyond the celebrated fall of October. The band is doing exactly what musicians love to do - venture into established worlds and build a style that is new and uniquely their own.


"Raw & Natural" - 2004
"Live in Vienna" (DVD) - 2003
"It's All About The Band" - 2003
"Sexxy" - 2002
"Gravity Tales & Love Songs" 1997

See WWW.OKTBRWRLD.COM for music samples

Set List

Our sets are 90% original music. We cover such artists as Jill Scott, Tone Tony Toni, MeShell Ndege Ochello, Erykah Badu, Prince, Janet Jackson, Black Eyed Peas, and more....