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The best kept secret in music


"Billboard Magazine"

Seek, Maktub and OKTBRWRLD may not be houshold names now. But, during the past couple of years, these groups have been hard at workd building gig-to-gig buzz.
G. Mitchell 2-7-04 - Urban Acts Fight To Revive Live Biz

"Washington Post Newspaper"

"You can call them "neo-soul" but locally based Oktbrwrld is so much more than that. Sure, they've got the soul grooves, but they have sharp pop and funk chops to boot, making them one of the best all-around bands in Washington"
Eric Brace 2003 - Washington Post

"Music Monthly Magazine"

If there's one word that describes the third release from Oktbrwrld (pronounced October World), it's "versatile". Their string-laden grooves move seamlessly from Soul to Blues to Funk Rock. Add a light sprinkle of Go-Go and some jazzy underscores, garnish with some a cappella, and you've got a tasty musical dish. Oktbrwrld has an edgy, eclectic style that surpasses today's synthetic R&B. Everyone lends vocals in this co-ed outfit, complementing Nina Lane's sassy lead. The whole band gets sensual on "He's So Fine", with Adwoa Spencer and Elnathan Starnes exchanging poetry about the essence of attraction. They turn jazzy on "I Play the Game", led by a chatty guitar. On "Sexxy", Lane purrs with female bravada over drops of guitar wah-wahs. After the cheery ballad "Let Heaven Be", the band rocks out with "Whole Lotta S@*!", borrowing a page from Guns 'N' Roses's "Welcome to the Jungle".
It's All About the Band is a thoroughly satisfying project from a new generation of soul funkateers. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Mother's Finest, Prince, Meshell Ndegeocello, and perhaps, The Brand New Heavies, should all be blushing.
Celeste Dawn Mitchell 2003

- Music Monthly

"WPFW DJ Cleveland"

Oktbrwrld Band pronounced (October World) has captivated the masses with their cutting edge blend of jazz, funk and soul which they like to call AR&B (Alternative R&B). "It's All About the Band" is their latest and greatest release that will ultimately be the soundtrack to whatever you are doing this summer , fall (especially in October) and beyond. Check out tracks #4 (He's So Fine" and #10 (Sexxy).
DJ Cleveland WPFW 89.3
June 2003 - WPFW

"FM Satellite Radio"

"I’m awe struck! OKTBRWRLD is a fresh breeze of soulful air! They can sangggggg without a doubt and their spirit of inspiration is deeply rooted in our heritage."
Blanche Williams-ch. 169
June 2003 - The Power Ch. 169

"Higer Ground Online"


By Knowfrillz What do you think of when think of the term "band" with regards to music? Hypothetically, if you were born around 1995, your first connections with the term "band" might be a group of pop SINGERS who do not play instruments thrown together on a television program and sing songs written by other people over pre-programmed musical tracks. Or how about having a rag-tag bunch of RAPPERS and one SINGER, also thrown together on the idiot box, who also play no musical instruments and fought as much as they recorded music be your first recollection of what a "band" is? Until my first listen of the "Definition of a Band" introduction on Oktbrwrld’s "It’s All About the Band" CD, I had not stopped to think how "loosely" our culture has used this term in recent years. Needless to say, I was quickly brought back to focus.

Oktbrwrld, a 4 member collective based out of Washington, D.C., are truly the "Definition of a Band" as their album intro indicates. Comprised of founder Elnathan "Nate" Starnes on guitar and vocals, lead vocalist/percussionist Nina Lane, guitarist/vocalist Adwoa Spencer, and bassist/vocalist Oumar Diallo, the band was founded in 1997 and has been developing their own brand of eclectic and funky soundscapes ever since.

After the "intro" track containing various audio-bites related to the recent phenomenon of ready for primetime television "band-making" shows, this band immediately dispels any misconceptions of what a real band is supposed to sound like. They begin with a feel good and funky composition, "La Di Da Day" which contains classic go-go percussion native to there D.C. roots, strumming guitars and format to the song very reminiscent of classic blues, where the vocalist sings the lyrics acapella with musicians coming in at the end of each phrase for emphasis. Songs like "I Play The Game," a guitar driven song questioning roles in relationships, "Whole Lotta S@*!," a funky track with an edgy rock influence reminiscent of early Paisley Park material, "Vernality," a funky break with a simple yet pleasing melody, and "Give Me Your Need," another go-go influenced track fused with a contemporary jazz aesthetic about surrendering oneself to another in relationships, help to display the musicianship at the forefront of this band.

One aspect that is very apparent when listening to Oktbrwrld is the amazing versatility these musicians have. They go from laid-back grooves like "He’s So Fine," about attraction being more than just physical appearance, and "Sexxy," a bluesy down-tempo track that "feels" just like it’s title, to songs like "Living Like Wild Dogs," a rock influenced conscious song about problems in today’s world and "What Man? What?," and uptempo funkafied and energetic instrumental, guaranteed to get toes-tapping. They effortlessly switch gears on the ballad "Let Heaven Be" and even include a house remix for "Sexxy."

In a day and age where tone-deaf singers combined with lazy producers who actually sample samples continually sell millions of records, it is refreshing to hear some artists bringing back the integrity of true musicianship and good music. Oktbrwrld definitely accomplishes that mission with feel-good music and the positive vibes exuding through it. After listening to the "It’s All About the Band," it is impossible not to hear their love for making music. With any luck, these talented musicians can return the proper "definition of a band" to the collective consciousness of our short-attention-spanned-technology-driven society, making a true band the norm and not the anomaly.
HIGHERGROUNDONLINE - Feb 2004 - Higher Ground Online


2001 Gravity Tales and Love Songs CD
2002 Sexxy CD
2003-It's All About The Band CD
2003-Get "Sexxy" Live with OKTBRWRLD live in Vienna DVD


Feeling a bit camera shy


OKTBRWRLD (Pronounced OCTOBER WORLD), a group of seasoned musicians on a quest to uncover the sounds that make them laugh, reflect their lows, embrace their 'ahs' and tell stories from the depths of their ancestors' souls.

OKTBRWRLD, founded by guitarist/songwriter Elnathan K. Starnes has been captivating audiences since 1997 with the sounds of two guitars, a bass and vocals that sing out melodies best described as Alternative Rhythm & Blues (AR&B). Purposely staying raw and true to the early ages of music, before 'electronica, this quartet is unique in its formation and performance style. Entertaining, captivating and most of all funky... OKTBRWRLD is in control.

OKTBRWRLD is known for creating an exciting musical spirit that exists well beyond the celebrated fall of October. The band is doing exactly what musicians love to do - venture into established worlds and build a style that is new and uniquely their own.


2003 Wammie WINNER for Best Urban Contemporary Group

2003 Wammie Nominee for Best Urban Contemporary Recording

2003 Washington Posts Best Local Band nominee

2003 Artists Undiscovered Award WINNER for Best R&B/Funk Songwriter "Sexxy"

2003 Artists Undiscovered Award WINNER for Best R&B/Funk Singer "Sexxy"

2003 Artists Undiscovered Award nominee for Best R&B/Funk musician "Sexxy"

2002 Wammie Nominee for Best Urban Contemporary Group