okwess international

okwess international


RYTHME AND MELODY FROM CONGO s ethnies mix with urban funk. We use Zebola. Zebola it's rythme cane take.


Jupiter is been fighting for 20 years to propagate a musical revolution which is teeming beneath the surface, but wich has yet to really emerge. His music drawns its inspiration from the zebolas, traditional rhythms of the Mongo people, which it is said can cure the sick. Along with is group, Jupiter is reawakening the forgotten rhythms and melodies of the Congo s 450 ethnic groups, and giving them his own inimatable urban spin. The result: a sound which takes us back to the origins of soul, funk and reggae. Jupiter has christened his style: Bofenia rock.

Set List

1 Pondjo Pondjo
3Mwana yoka toli
4 Yaka
5 Solobomé
6 Djende talelaka
7 Kwe ngienda
8 Ngandjo
9 Soleil solei
10 Bakwapanu
11 Bana Congo