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Old And Gray

Berkeley, California, United States

Berkeley, California, United States
Rock Alternative




"Old And Gray To Release Lively Youthful Album"

“His melding of Dubstep, folk-like sounds, Beatles-esque vocals, and other lo-fi elements are done well and worth the listen” - Christine Byczkiewcz

"Picturesque Moments"

“Picturesque Moments is the fuzziest album you have ever heard” - Scary Squids

"Music Mouth"

“I really love what Old And Gray has become. It sounds relevant, familiar but new” - Bears Bears Bears


Still working on that hot first release.



Two years ago, Old And Gray sat down in a café and scribbled onto a napkin “write a super fuzzy album”. The napkin must have been printed from fortune cookie paper, cause before long, that album was taking shape. It began as a spontaneous explosion of raw melody and soon began to take the form of a eulogy. “The whole theme was inspired by a friend I lost within the past year. She gave me a lovely photo and it's all I have left from our friendship. The process of finishing the album became very strange. I became infatuated with the photo and stare into it and pretend I was in it. I’d even have these dreams where she would come visit me in my dreams and sing these wild poems to me. Many of the poems would eventually become lyrics on the album”–Buddy Hale

After two years and multiple evolutions, the album was finally completed, a Kickstarter was funded, and Picturesque Moments was pressed.
As a follow up to the album, Old And Gray is set to be the first artist to record an entire albums worth of music videos on nothing but an iPhone 5. “I have tons of idea’s all mapped out for at least 5 of the videos. Everything from sploshing, to shadow puppetry, to a female-Arnold Schwarzenegger look-a-like contest, to a HOLI Celebration flash mob, to old ladies making out with young studs. It’s going to be pretty sexy… just like the new I phone” says Buddy Hale. Keep your eyes peeled for those and stayed tuned to oldandgray.bandcamp.com for a surprise collaboration with Aaron Ross (of Hella fame).