Old Basford

Old Basford


Music tighter than a nuns nanny and dirtier than a priests hard drive. A sonic larruping with a smooth blue underbelly. Old basford pisses in the face commercial plasticity and main lines a long overdue adrenaline shot into the necrotic flailing soul of modern rock.


Playing Heavy Boogie music is what excites Old Basford. When they’re on stage; this is plain to see.
In their live performance they offer their souls.

At present Old Basford are the best kept secret in British music.
From being apparently content to make music and write songs on their home turf; they’re now showing the rest of the world what they’re made of.
They’re not going to be a secret for long.

Their Rock 'n' Boogie Blues style takes time to learn how to play.
It takes patience to get the shuffle just right.
The time spent developing skills has paid off because no other band from the UK makes a sound like them.

The success of Seasick Steve at almost every UK festival this summer shows that there’s a real appetite for Boogie music. Old Basford work to a similar groove but with a full band and a British influence they make the audience as frisky as dogs on heat.

To see Old Basford is to Love Old Basford.

Some bands Old Basford have played with:
Black Diamond Heavies (Nottingham)
Scott Biram (the Maze, Nottingham)
Hermano (the Garage, London)
Clutch (London Astoria)
Brant Bjork (Old Angel, Nottingham)
Scout Niblett (the Social, Nottingham)


Old Basford 'cruel love' 3 track cd, 2004.
'Red Mist' e.p. 2006, Field records.
'Never bought a drunk a drink' split single 2006, field records.
'Ransom' e.p. 2007 own release.

Set List

Typical set list comprises:
you're all I want,
Red mist,
Do gooder,
Cold light,
Ockhams razor,
Never bought a drunk a drink,
Food in the fields,
Heavy grieving.

All songs by Old Basford.