the Old Believers

the Old Believers



Despite the name, the Old Believers are quite young, and on an average day, really don’t believe in much, but their music resonates with a power and sincerity that would make anyone a fervorous believer. Now calling Portland, Oregon home, Keeley and Nelson originally hail from Kenai, Alaska, where they have played with artists of all shapes and sizes, including Khaki King, Shiny Toy Guns, Tim Easton, the Duhks, and Confederate Railroad. The Old Believers maintain a sound from anytime and everywhere, while they are unmistakably here and now. Their honest, pop framework is outfitted with aesthetics of blues, americana, old-time, and jazz, with songs ranging from warm, embracing folk ditties to noise wrenched, desperate country ballads. Under the guidance of Dylan, Tom Waits, Billie Holiday, and Mississippi John Hurt, the Old Believers are singing a brand new song like it’s tradition.


"Some Songs by the Old Believers" EP
2007, Fine Romantic Recordings

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