Old Black and Blue

Old Black and Blue

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Old Black and Blue Eyes cut their teeth playing punk rock arrangements of Sinatra classic hits. Now the power trio is creating their own brand of high energy rock with infectious hooks- their live shows are like doing a bunch of coffee, and getting love from someone other than your mother.


Old Black and Blue is focused on fun and entertainment. We're not interested in making people work to get the "art form", that's our job. Your job is to enjoy the music. We are modern pop/rock. Influenced by many sounds from The Ramones to The Kaiser Chiefs. From Green Day to Franz Ferdinand. From Motorhead to The Raconteurs. A fearless Power trio formed late in 2006 with the intention of giving the music of the Rat Pack a face-melting twist. In 2010
O.B.&B. decided to take on original music resulting in an oddly poppy, melodic punk sound.


Beneath the Stairs
The death of Nathan Detroit