Old Boy

Old Boy


Submerging into a mystical and melancholic ambient created with the dynamic mix of sweet melodic high-pitched vocals, and his acoustic guitar, backed with a harmonic ensemble of instruments, 22-year Old Boy comes out as a young and very talented folk singer/songwriter with fresh ideas.


Born in Mexico City in 1990, Santiago Miquelajáuregui has his first approach to music though choir and classical guitar. In his teens he embraces electric guitar and begins writing his own songs. In 2010 he writes his first solo album called "The Reflecting Wall" in which most of the tracks are demos. After his first solo performance in Mexico City he meets the founders of "Discos Cuchillo" and agrees to record his first studio EP "Ordinary World". He keeps on writing more music and records "Places Only Mountains Can Travel," in a small studio in Mexico City. He signs with Lucky Lady Records, under which he releases POMCT. Short after he gets accepted into Berklee College of Music, he forms Old Boy as a full band.


First Glance

Written By: Santiago Miquelajauregui

As Im walking by the empty trail
as im walking by i feel the rain
mounting over me

on the way outside i hear the trees
they begin to talk apparently
homeless, its just a dream

I hear your voices on the stereo
dont wake up and take it as it comes
How can I explain the dreams that I just had

I see them dancing all around the floor
stay around and dont ever let go
why am I so late, I dont wanna wake up

(Solo Guitarra)

I can feel the grass in my feet
the fire in your eyes eternally
falling, watching me

Give me another chance, give me another song
Give me another hand, dont ever let go

Cant see, what you feel


Ordinary World - EP (2012)

Places Only Mountains Can Travel - EP (2013)

"First Glance" (Single from POMCT EP, 2013)

Set List

Varies each show.