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The best kept secret in music


"Old Bull- Manifesto (from Topanga Magazine)"

Well a good start...'Manifesto'...great title for an album with a sense of purpose. It kicks off with GROWERMAN (1), on the good foot with a catchy banjo and mandolin driven up-tempo number that's a paean to the benefits of medical marijuana, with a biting commentary on how the gov't treats patients. The groove takes you nicely thru this beautifully played 'lil outlaw tale.
As the album unfolds you realize this is put together with a lot of taste and genuine love for this brand of American Roots music. The sounds are authentic and played with a great deal of skill and sparkle, production duties falling to the great Steve McCormick as well as the band.
The playing throughout is excellent with Old Bull players Eric Rasmussen, Scott Grusin, Dylan Wilkerson, Peter Sheffer and Steve Seifert ...(as well as a host of) guest musicians (including) Rand Anderson (pedal steel), Michael Starr (fiddle), and Eric Lynn (organ, piano).
This is a GREAT record, a really good representation of this genre made with balls, taste, a spirit of abandon and some good old fashioned musicianship...No Bull...don't miss it. - Topanga Magazine

"Old Bull- Manifesto (from Performer Magazine)"

Old Bull — Manifesto

Recorded by Steve McCormick in Mar Vista, CA

Mixed by Eric Lynn and Steve McCormick in Topanga, CA

Mastered by Ron Bousted at Precision Mastering in Hollywood, CA

Produced by Steve McCormick and Old Bull

L.A.’s Old Bull has its roots squarely in the old-time country and bluegrass sounds of the southeastern U.S. of A. Brisk banjo picking, a lovely fiddle, and a solid backbeat drive many of these songs, including Manifesto‘s strong opener “Growerman.” But the lyrics announce loud and clear that this is truly a California band. “I even got a permit for my California grow,” sings Eric Rasmussen, while lamenting cancer patients who are raided by the feds for possessing medical marijuana. This is the new outlaw country sound, with a new cause; where the government has the guns and the growers are trying to save lives, and a righteous Charlie Daniels Band resonance is updated with extra banjo and extra power in the drums.

Old Bull explores more legal agricultural concerns on “Monsanto,” this time speaking out against the biotech company that has its hands in everything from genetically engineered seeds to creepy dairy hormones. But then, we’re back to a tale of a boy who found religion, started a straight edge zine, and smoked the green recreationally in the waltz-time tale “Tattoo of Jesus.” They also tell tales of failed relationships in “Lost Highway” and “The Hard Part,” and turn the rock down a bit to play the most traditional sounding bluegrass tune of the bunch, “Miracles.”

There’s a strong musical and thematic purpose in these 12 songs. Old Bull clearly stands for Californa-infused Southern rock and bluegrass (“Southern California Slamgrass,” as they call it in their press release). Personal hardships are tempered with a positive outlook and the slow songs are earnest and sincere while still retaining some toughness. Couple all that with the band’s passionate mastery of the Southern sounds it plays and you have a strong debut that lives up to its title. (Big Bender Records)


-Michael Fortes - Performer Magazine


"Old Bull EP" 2005- Self Released
"Manifesto" full length 2007- Big Bender Records

The following tracks are known to have seen radio airplay:
"Dead Blind Love" (Old Bull EP)
"Soldier in the War" (Old Bull EP)
"Growerman" (Manifesto)
"Monsanto Took my Seed Blues" (Manifesto)
"Tattoo of Jesus" (Manifesto)
"Miracles" (Manifesto)

(Sept. 9, 2007) KRFC-FM says:
OLD BULL/ MANIFESTO/ BIG BENDER RECORDS - Alt country from Los Angeles with roots in the hollers of Appalachia. Many of the songs have political messages from growing medicinal pot to corporate control of farming. Fiddle. Highly recommended.

Old Bull has been featured on the following radio stations:

KUCI 88.9 Irvine
KLSX 97.1 "Free FM"
KSIL Silver City, NM
KXCI Tucson, AZ
KRFC-FM Ft. Collins, CO
KMUD Garberville, CA
KCSN Los Angeles, CA
KXLU 88.9 Los Angeles
Radio Free Bakersfield online radio
Radio Antenna 2 Italy
Crackertrash Radio Ft. Myers, FL
John Doe Radio

A partial list of venues we have played:
Lobero Theatre (Santa Barbara, CA- opening for Leon Russell)
The Canyon Club
Molly Malone's
The Key Club
Topanga Days Country Fair
The Double Down Saloon (Las Vegas)
Pitzer College
BB Kings UNiversal Citywalk
The Mint
Mateel Community Center (Redway, CA)
The Cat Club
Party Scammers Carnival and Hoedown 2006, 2007
Grant and Green (San Francisco)
The Doll Hut
The Pike Bar
The Juke Joint
The Blank Club (San Jose, CA)
Hodi's Half Note (Ft. Collins, CO)
Bender's Tavern (Denver, CO)
On The Rox

"Not content to merely play a seemingly endless run of kickass live shows, Old Bull has now completed work on their debut full length, "Manifesto." For updates please visit www.oldbull.net."


Feeling a bit camera shy


Up in the hollers and hills surrounding Los Angeles lies a refuge called Topanga, where you forget you are within spitting distance of the city. Some of the old spirit resides here yet, carefully tended by the old timers who have not yet succumbed to time. A new and undeniable creative force is marinatin' in this place, and folks around here call it Old Bull.
Old Bull is like a deep drink of Kentucky Bourbon followed by a long hit of homegrown. With roots in Punk, Country, Bluegrass and Blues....It's "Southern California Slamgrass" delivered honest, raw and un-pretentious. Like White Lightnin' on a disc, the new album, "Manifesto," delivers the goods and them some for those who crave a powerful new yet traditional sound emboldened by heartfelt conviction.
Old Bull is a band unafraid to take a stand. The lead track, "Growerman" is an anthem of defiance against ridiculous drug policies and tells the tale of a man willing to die to keep on growing weed for those in need. "Monsanto" is a true nightmare about a corporation working hand in hand with the government to control global food supply and take it away from the people who grow it.

(Sept. 9, 2007) KRFC-FM says:
OLD BULL/ MANIFESTO/ BIG BENDER RECORDS - Alt country from Los Angeles with roots in the hollers of Appalachia. Many of the songs have political messages from growing medicinal pot to corporate control of farming. Fiddle. Highly recommended.