There's nothing more pleasant than reviewing a CD that you can actually get into. With slow yearning vocals atop brooding arrangements, they weave an eccentric web of sounds-certainly capable of stirring the radio airwaves. I really dig their style. >>Ryan Hoffer Shut Eye Records, Inc.


In a world where music is accepted as a means of emotional support, there will be many artists who stand out as leaders of their particular cause. While many tend to lean more towards betrayal or misfortune to get their point across, few tend to share the fact that they ride a fence of belief in spirituality and love in a true form. Few posses the desire to question what is real in their own heart and soul before they lead the listener down their own path of conviction.

Enter a songwriter on the verge of finding himself… a band on the verge of finding its cause…in an industry on the verge of losing its heart.

When you hear a front-man like Cord Carpenter sing of his trials and tribulations you can’t help but recognize each emotion that aided to the songwriting. The music was created as a form of release of emotional control, but is received by his fans as emotional support. While each song can vary from the most positive of feeling to the most delicate, you can’t help but take away something thought provoking, honest and pure.

Carpenter’s musical journey started out in a small college town in central Texas. A desire to take his songwriting to the stage put him in the midst of musicians who were drawn to the sound and to the message. Soon after, Cord the musician… became CORD the band. While Carpenter’s southern-influenced songwriting is often compared to the likes of Jakob Dylan (Wallflowers), Chris Martin (Coldplay), and Dave Groll (Foo Fighters), his inspirations span the gamut from Jackson Browne to Neil Young, The Who to Iain Anderson, and Bruce Hornsby to Johnny Cash. CORD surrounds this songwriting with the rhythm section’s smooth but intense low-end flow of bassist Todd Meador and drummer Johnny Villarreal. The sultry experimental guitar of Robert Garcia tops off the sound with just enough flavor to help guide the listener back to Carpenter’s yearning vocals.

In 2005, after years of establishing themselves with multiple EPs, CORD released their first full-length album ‘Who You Know’ to a sold out crowd at the world famous Stubb’s in Austin, Texas. With radio play hits like Make It and This Time pushing the release, CORD toured the south extensively, gaining friends, fans and industry respect. Dubbed “one of the top 5 homegrown rock bands of Austin” by 101X KROX, CORD has put themselves on the Texas Rock-n-Roll map.

CORD’s sound and message reached the eyes and ears of Daniel Duerr, president of Emerald City Entertainment Group in Santa Cruz, California. In early 2006, CORD took giant steps in their musical career by signing on to the Emerald City EG roster. With a new album in the works and a 3-month summer tour being set, CORD looks to make 2006 the year that will launch them to worldwide recognition.

ECEG signs a recording/publishing agreement with CORD (02/08/2006)

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. – Emerald City Entertainment Group ( today announced the signing of a recording/publishing agreement with CORD (, one of the leading rock bands from Austin, Texas. Dubbed “one of the top 5 homegrown rock bands of Austin” by 101X KROX, CORD brings a memorably distinctive pop rock sound to the Emerald City catalog.

Twenty-five year old Cord Carpenter, the band’s front-man and singer/songwriter, brings a repertoire of more than 75 original songs to the ECEG Music Publishing Company catalog. While Carpenter’s southern-influenced songwriting is often compared to the likes of Jakob Dylan (Wallflowers), Chris Martin (Coldplay), and Dave Groll (Foo Fighters), his inspirations span the gamut from Jackson Browne to Neil Young, The Who to Iain Anderson, and Bruce Hornsby to Johnny Cash.

ECEG Records and CORD will select an initial ten songs from his repertoire which will be produced into a full-length release by Daniel Duerr and Rich Williams at the company’s recording studio in Santa Cruz, California during February/March, 2006. The album will be released digitally in the spring 2006 with distribution through IODA (, followed by a physical release in late summer/fall 2006 with distribution through Bayside Entertainment Distribution (

About Emerald City

Based in Northern California, Emerald City Entertainment Group is a contemporary music production & publishing company. Emerald City aims to deliver a higher quality musical product on a global basis by delivering its musical product the old fashioned way – sincere songwriting, soulful music from real musicians, and a belief that exceptional music will always warrant recognition.


Good Day

Written By: CORD

Listen here, have you ever felt that it's weird
To make sense of what has appeared
When you thought you gave it away

Hold it tight, don't forget to tell her good night
Lay around till you know that you might
If you step where someone belongs
Playing records all night long

I'm straying from the things I used to know
You're winning, but I'll never let it show
It's gonna be a good day, It's gonna be a good good day

Meditate as you campaign for your escape
Get the highest approval rate
Then you let out what you designed
Make believe until someone else gets it free
Convince everyone that you see
As you're tearing pieces away
Folding letters through the day

Believe me when I say that I won't go
I promise that I'll never say hello

What a drag that you left here
This could never be worn
I could never, I could never see

Movie Star

Written By: CORD

Empty stares and glances
Movie star romances when the end was never clear
It's hard to see the warning when everyone is mourning
For they way they love to feel
Cause for now you have the prettiest face
And for now you have a familiar taste
That is never around

Have you had enough
Have you had enough of what I'm saying
Have you had enough
Have you had enough of contemplating

Each era brings a new wave, fucked up and it's Tuesday
And I cannot feel a thing
Problems bloom for reasons
Maybe it's the seasons, but it never seems to change
Cause for now you made another mistake from being alone

You give it all to bring you down for good
When you've had enough

Gone Too Fast

Written By: CORD

Burning down will give you great big dreams
But you won't ever, ever be the one that you've become
The one that stands all your wishes
If every now and then is all ok, then why do I still feel this way
Inside when I can only see the side of my dark secrets
Revealing to mass appeal

Cause I never knew which way to go
I was 16 and one my own
I believed everything I read
And I never heard from you again
Well I guess we were only friends
It was fun while we made it last
Cause these 6 years has gone too fast

Second place has never felt that good
Cause I can't stand to be withstood from all the lies
When all the lies are what the truth is bringing
Look at all the people messed up now
Cause they are praying way to loud
For what they never could believe, when they believed in nothing
Could I conceal to say


'Who You Know' - 2005 (UPC 707541772327), airplay Nationally through CMJ
"Operation Rock The Troops" (Song-"Good Day") - 2005
'This Time' - 2004 EP, airplay on 101x Austin
'Make It' - 2003 EP, airplay on 101x Austin
'Midnite Moon' - 2003 EP, airplay on 93.7FM Austin

Set List

Good Day
Give Up, Give In
Do It For You
Give Me A Sign
This Time
Movie Star
Free To Fly
Gone Too Fast
Sunday Morning
Make It
Losing Control
American Girl
Fear the Sun
Taking it Back
Never Been
Midnite Moon
Ordinary Town

Hard to Say
Never Been This Good
Once Was Enough

True Love Will Find You In The End