Old house playground
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Old house playground

Manchester, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

Manchester, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band Alternative Avant-garde




"Manchester Music"

“They've got the deep, gravelly lo-fi blues with a bit of old-time swing and rockabilly on the side - imagine a pared down Bedlam Six fronted by a young hybrid of Jack White and Nick Cave. His lyrics are dark, twisted stories with a certain literary flair” - Cath Aubergine

"Blankpages Issue 28"

“The confidence that exudes from this band is astounding ” - Henry Roberts

"Review on Aural Delights"

"Lazos has an impressive voice and his guitar work is fine, clean and very much of the idiom. The music is inherently sexy with a steamy southern states sound."
- Bob Osborne

"Review on Mancky Magazine"

"Tryfon Lazos is an extremely talented singer who writes far better songs in his second language than most people could ever hope to write in their native tongue.
He and percussionist Andreas Venetantes, have traveled through Europe like Medieval troubadours, and as if in punishment for their sins, have ended up here... "In this land, the sun never shows" ".
- Ursula Ackah

"The whore and the dog"

Sometimes it is really great when you follow a band from their very beginning. Four years ago I got in contact with Plaything. From the first time that I heard their stuff, I knew it that this band won't stay without some progress.

After two demos Plaything, had already changed their music direction and it was the time for Old House Playground to come to the surface. Definitely Tryfon Lazos and Evangelos Vassilakos, are two open minded musicians.

Also they have the ability to combine various elements from alternative rock to jazz and from blues to experimental music. So what to expect from the first album of Old House Playground? Just a combination of Tom Waits, White Stripes while the rock of Red Hot Chili Peppers fight with Madrugada and the theatrical voice of Tryfon makes you cry.

It is needless to say that they have more than well worked compositions with incredible ideas, a massive sound and don't forget that this album mastered at the famous Athens Mastering studios. "The Whore and the Dog" is an album for your life, you can see yourself through the lyrics of each track or you can see your alternative self. You can freely travel to the 40's decade down in the street while you will enter a smoky and filthy bar. Watch out, Old House Playground is a mirror and you will see yourself.

Don't be afraid this is you, maybe you will try to hide this side of yourself but you never stop it. Old House Playground is here in order to help you or to make you think about yourself and what you are doing in your life. Last but not least, don't forget this is the last bad year.

SCORE out of 9/10 Antonis Maglaras

Official Site: www.myspace.com/oldhouseplayground and www.oldhouseplayground.com

E-mail Band: info@oldhouseplayground.com

Similarities to: Tom Waits, White Stripes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Madrugada
- Antonis Maglaras

"Ambum review"

I placed your friend's group on cd and went for a drive. What an experience. Living at night, alone. Living while everybody sleeps. The city belongs to the night crawlers.

I love your friend's stuff! It is so good. I love their mood. It is somehow mystical. There is a melancholy about it and a reflection of things. U listen to it and it is almost a soundtrack to life as it is lived. You can feel the uncertainties of life and at the same time it's beauty. I can even call it romantic. It captures moments in their creation, while at the same time reflecting on that same moment. Am I making sense? The instrumentation is so profound. The voice is like a smoky bar.

There is a mood of seductive addiction about the music. It makes you want to cling onto that certain special moment that you know will never be found again. A deep moment that you know can never again be experienced. That special moment with no possibility of repetition. It makes you feel the passion of life, its desires, its loves, even it's loneliness. You can feel the never ending human hunt for companionship within the loneliness that is life..

- From a Canadian friend


'God damn that gold' (Official release 2012 - Evening Economies)

'The whore and the dog' (self produced album)



Rooted deep in the folk culture of story telling and drawing characters, an electric and twisted mix of Blues, Avant-Garde and Roots with Greek-Folk influences.

Old House Playground are a two-piece band based in Manchester UK. Their trail of gigs leads a winding path across Europe taking in the UK, Ireland, Greece, Germany and Switzerland.

Their new album 'God Damn That Gold' was recorded live in 5 days to analogue tape by label mate Chris Evans and it is released through Evening Economies and Fat Bob Records. Local radio stations referring to it as "Absolute Greatness”, “Mesmerising”, “Hypnagogic and “Surreal”.

'Clonesome Blues' is the first video of the album with another three new videos ready be released in the next few months. The band has also re-recorded one of their tracks together with Vini Reilly, a man whom former Red Hot Chilli Peppers' John Frusciante stated as "The best guitarist in the world", to be released later this year.