Old Ironsides

Old Ironsides


Straight to your face!


700 years ago...Alex “The Feroce” Boccia remained behind when Genghis Khan led the Mongol Horde back to China. After leading many into war and conquering 100’s of villages and cities he knew it was time to move onto something bigger. He would soon meet Ryan “The Electric Man” Rickerson who escaped from a Transylvanian laboratory after the resident Mad Scientists fitted him with a bionic left hand. The two joined forces and traveled west to find the best of the best. The best of what, they did not know, but they would soon be found! Three phases of the moon later the dark night lit up in flame as the next member burned his way through the Earths atmosphere plummeting into the ground creating a mile-wide crater in Siberia right at the feet of Ryan and Alex. Ken Berens had arrived. Dusting off the dirt, ash, and space debris, Ken accepted the invitation to continue their voyage west stowed away on a Japanese Junk ship. The ship would soon collide with a monster of a glacier. As the ship sunk the trio set sail upon the Glacier where they would find the one and only Seth "The Skull Splitter" Peterson, a long lost Scandinavian Viking King. After a grueling brawl Seth had proved worthy of standing travel with Alex, Ryan, and Ken. Their journey on the glacier had come to an end as it melted down and left them high and dry on a volcanic isle. It is here the final installment, Joe "The Terror" Coia, would be found hibernating upon a bed of bones in the islands lava tunnels. Joe is known for single handedly wiping out an entire herd of Mastodons, and eating every last bit of their succulent meat. The fellowship was now complete and they would dub themselves...OLD IRONSIDES!!


Breaking loose (into the sky) [Single]

Set List

These Eyes
Hours of Everyday
Breaking Loose (into the sky)
March To War
All I need
Dancing in Gobblers Gulch

Smashing Pumpkins
Foo Fighters
the Who
the Rolling Stones
Rage Against the Machine
the Beatles
Neil Young
Lenny Kravits
Pearl Jam