Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Old soul rock 'n' roll -- think "Mad Dogs and Englishmen" for the new millennium.


OldJack is a group of circumstance. While recording other bands, Lead singer/songwriter Dan GoodWood Nicklin would find himself requesting his clients and musician friends to help make a studio record. In the Winter of 2008 a show was offered and OldJack took its first line up. While the members have changed and the band has grown in numbers (they currently bring 8-9 people to the stage) the band is still developing its soul/rock sound. With two guitars, bass, drums, organ/keys, three female background singers, and a front man from yesterday, OldJack belts out their original material with lots of harmonies, big vocals, and guitar solos galore.


Gone Before You Know (EP) -- February 2011, recorded by Will Dailey

Union Glory (EP) -- October 2009

Set List

Typical set is 7-12 songs.

Covers Include Cocker, Clapton, Sterophonics, Black Crowes, James, The 4 Seasons, Jenny Lewis