Old James

Old James


Old James fuses the sounds of the 70's & 90's with story-telling lyrics, vocal harmonies, catchy choruses, screeching guitar solos, elegant piano melodies and a solid rhythm section.

Old James are quickly establishing themselves in the Canadian music scene with great song writing and performances.


Raised on heavy metal and distilled in rock n’ roll comes Toronto based Old James. A 4-piece guitar and piano driven rock group with slamming rhythms, deep groove and enough musical integrity to satisfy the neediest of the music elite.

Old James mixes an eclectic blend of hard pounding rock soothed with the bright sounds of piano and warm vocal harmonies. These musical chameleons are best described as a heavy retort to Lynyrd Skynyrd combined with 90’s grunge sensibilities. Their self titled, self-produced EP was released for free on the internet in June of 2012 as a musical celebration and an omen of musical discoveries to come.

Armed with melodies to open the ears, words to open the mind and a strong positive message to open the heart, Old James strive to challenge the current trends of the mainstream on their mission to save Rock ‘N Roll.

Past Performances:
01/31/2913 - The Rockpile - Etobicoke, ON
12/19/2012 - The Velvet Underground - Toronto
12/13/2012 - Cherry Cola's Rock N' Roll Cabaret - Toronto
12/04/2012 - Humber Campus - Etobicoke
12/02/2012 - The Bovine Sex Club - Toronto
11/30/2012 - The Monarch Tavern - Toronto
11/17/2012 - The Bovine Sex Club - Toronto w/ Saigon Hookers
10/23/2012 - Humber Campus - Etobicoke
10/08/2012 - The Horseshoe Tavern - Toronto
08/27/2012 - The Hard Luck Bar - Toronto w/ Prophet
08/11/2012 - The Brass Monkey - Ottawa
08/11/2012 - Private Function - Ottawa
07/21/2012 - P Dot Stock - Pottageville
07/07/2012 - The Hard Luck Bar - Toronto w/ Skull Fist
06/23/2012 - Cafe Chaos - Montreal w/ Slaves on Dope
06/22/2012 - The Ritual - Ottawa w/ Diemonds
05/31/2012 - Nocturne - Toronto w/ Maccie Paquette
04/17/2012 - Ralph's Rock Diner - Worcester, MA USA
04/15/2012 - Subspace Radio - Bobfest V - Somerville, MA USA


Ain't No Friend of Mine

Written By: Old James

She left me broken
In a trench of sweat and blood
My gun in my hand
My body soaked mud

It’s complicated
She said she’d had enough

So bury me deep where I can’t feel
Show me something that is real
Take me to a better place
Where i can be away from you

No you aint no friend of mine

A running joke it feels
On two broken legs
I felt the loneliness
Of the poor ol man that begs

Life is so cold
Please tell me one more lie
I feel estranged
Isolated in my mind

So dig the trench in deeper
to where i cant feel
take me to a better place
with sunshine and green hills

no you aint no friend of mine

back on the bullet
im looking from the ledge
i think of jumping
but i cannot pretend
that life is the biggest lie
making babies just for fun
throw em out with the bath water
so easily its done

the isolation
that one can feel
in this cold apartment
my loneliness is real

no you aint no friend of mine

Sharp Nine

Written By: Old James

My thoughts are lying somewhere
Where no one can see
I feel a deal of shame lord
Thats taken hold of me
Ive had so many women oh
But not someone like this
im giving up my bullets
so my gun can be dismissed
a girl who’s got no self respect
is a disaster for bad news

i did the same thing to myself
its left me feeling blue
let go of my conscience
was a sure bad thing to do
but all you pretty women oh
you put your trust in me
i move around from town to town
forever living free
livin like a rover
that's all ill ever be


even though she said she was longing for a friend
trying to get a something that i cannot pretend


and i forget why im drenched
down pouring love’s never been my friend

i tell you once i've told you twice
im not the man for you
but i'll spend the night in your arms
and once again play the fool
cause you'll never see me
coming back around
just like you i stay the night
and then im out of town
sweet talking people
they got us all feeling blue

claim yourself as some sort of famous loving soul
done loved so much now your bodies out of control

and i forget just why i taste
the bittersweet loving rain

Bridge/ Solo

and i forget just why i taste
the bittersweet loving rain
and i forget why im drenched
down pours of love have never been a friend

Hear Them Cry

Written By: Old James

take me out with the tide
as i watch the world run dry
ill float out far into the sea
away from those who cannot see
we trade our souls in for machines
and trade our hearts for greed and money
and now i stare into the sky
as i watch the world go by

Hear them cry
living in a world where greed is love
lord, take me away to the skies above
watch them die

take me back onto the shore
swam the darkened seas
crawled the oceans floor
and worry not we've still got time
still a fraction
a chance at life
remember now what youve been told
that all you need is in your soul
and worry not just take your time
cause happiness is just a smile

hear them cry
living in a world where greed is love
lord, take me away to the skies above
watch them die

take a look at what weve become
a nation of strangers in our world
keep your device close
as a child
ignore the world all the while
take a look now
i see you clearly with my eyes closed
take a look now
embrace the earth not just as your own

Neck Deep

Written By: Old James

Now here's the story
of a young bird in a tree
he'd spend his days singing
singing songs for me
then a nasty cat came rolling
purring nastily
i could see the hunger in his eyes
hiding 'til i leave.

Young still but ive seen
All the places that ive been
avoided troubles and still
managed to stay clean
but once or twice ive been in
been in neck deep.

now poor little birdy
in troubles way
he just lay there hurting for
seven days
but luckily i came strolling
in my luck
i kept old birdy warm
in a pile of muck


Self Titled - E.P. - June 2012
Down Country Road - E.P. - January 2013

Set List

Neck Deep
Sharp Nine
Ain't No Friend of Mine
Don't Hide Your Love Away
Every Man
Bed of Rose
Hear Them Cry