Old Joe and the Truth Hurts

Old Joe and the Truth Hurts

 Shellbrook, Saskatchewan, CAN

Theatrical country-funk-rock. Manic alt-folk explosion. Gypsy-hair-metal. While some artists re-invent themselves every album, Old Joe and the Truth Hurts do it every song. With enthusiasm, musicianship, and an obvious lust for life on their sleeves, the Truth Hurts stand tall!


Old Joe and the Truth Hurts formed in mid-winter of 2004 to bring a little bounce . After about three months together they started recording what was called the most ambitious recording in Saskatchewan independent music history, enlisting the help of almost thirty of Saskatoons finest players. Within one year, they released their debut The Book of Old Joe to a near sellout at Louis Pub (440 tickets).
Band members are mutli-instrumentalists from different musical backgrounds, but with enough cross-over to find a good groove. Fans appreciate the diversity brought to the stage.

In the eight years between releases, band members have kept busy playing, touring, and recording with other bands. Not less than 12 albums have been released in the meantime featuring one of the Truth Hurts. In 2013, the band is back with "The Dirt", a collection of 10 new songs to tap your toes to.


The Dirt

Written By: Joey Lorer

would you rather be looking down from a skyscraper
or staring up at a waterfall
would be rather be up to your knees in a grassy field
or dragging your heels in a shopping mall
and would you rather hear the noise on a busy street
or the sounds of a songbird's call
you gotta make a choice sooner or later
you can't have it all

in the rat race, i'll be coming in last place
so you can wipe that greasy smile off your face mr. business man
while you're burning out, i'll be getting a tan
if there's one thing that i can't stand,
it's being told what it takes if i wanna be a man
is to go to the office in shirt and pressed pants
forget it, i'll be working in the dirt with my hands
don't write me off because my hair's too long
don't think this is just another protest song
trust me, we know the riot from the wrong
and we'll be coming down the streets 50 thousand strong
whaddya gonna do then mr. government man
you can't beat us, why don't you join along
we're a critical mass with a critical message
it's one you've ignored for too long
i ain't gonna fight no wars for peace because i ain't no friend of your military
and i don't give a damn about the gdp cause i ain't no friend of your industry
because your industry and your military they been makin enemies of the birds and the bees
and the flowers and the trees and the earth air and sea
and it's time that we bring them all down

if we keep turning these herds of giant creatures into little piles of bones
and digging up all the sacred lands trying to find the precious stones
we keep cutting down all those ancient forests just to build some brand new homes
we should all live a little bit simpler and leave the trees alone

The Fight

Written By: Joey Lorer

My daddy went to his grave working every day at a job he hated
Trying to get some money saved so when his kids grew up
he'd get us educated
So we could get good jobs and make a lot of money
Buy a nice house with a nice car outside
Someone said, "Hard work never killed no one"
but daddy worked hard and then he died

If there's one thing my daddy learned too late
you gotta do what makes you happy in life
'Cause you can't take your money with you to the other side

I'm twenty-five now, totally debt-laden
My credit card's maxed out and I can't make the payments
By daddy's plan I should be making major pay
But I can happily say I didn't go that way
'Cause every days an adventure
Just think what I been learning
Instead of the money
That I sure ain't been earning
But every days a struggle
And I'm not about to give in
I'm glad to say I lead a life that I love livin'

Everywhere around me I see people got a lot of money
with fancy clothes and little white poodles
But me, I'm barely able to put food on my table
Been livin' off of white rice and Mr. Noodles

Well the fight goes on
Everything always works out wrong
But you know the sun's gotta shine to make a shadow
And I'll stop worrying 'cause money don't matter, no

Who wants to be the richest guy in the cemetary?
I'd rather spend it making life extaordinary
When I'm cashing out, I wanna look back and hypothesize
I lived a story good enough
for someone to biographize
But if you need to work to buy a Mercedes, DVDs, TVs with big screens
Cruise Caribbean Seas to put yourself at ease
Weigh the pros and cons
Take a look at the facts
You'll see you're working hard just so you can afford to relax

So don't go to work to your jobs if you hate 'em
You're only there to bring home the bacon
'Cause if you can't have fun while you're making a living
What's the reason for the living you're making?

The Mother Speaks

Written By: Joey Lorer

What's got into the humans?
Their apathy's such a fixture
But they won't be in the picture for long

Laziness and greed
Sure are hefty problems
But I think I'm gonna solve them before long

I hate the whole human race 'cause they just will not listen
Their whole existence is based on blind consumerism
It's right in front of their face, it's such a simple mission
Give up your culture of waste, and use some forward vision
One day I'm gonna break them down

Lessons taught in nursery rhymes
Didn't seem to reach them
And prophets failed to teach them the way

I'll get my share of told-you-so's
Soon when their well dries up
They had their chance to wise up, but they said, "No way"


"The Book of Old Joe" - released 2005
"Zivjeli" - Joey K Lorer solo EP released 2008
"The Dirt" - to be released 2013