Old Major

Old Major

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Music to make your spirit sore


The truth is, Old Major didn't start so much as a band as it did an art project. The Toronto-based power-trio conceived both their first song and identity as a supplement to singer/guitarist Mark Zerenyi's final film assignment(a music video) while finishing art school in 2007. However, he- along with drummer Joey Pavone and bassist Mike Kennedy- have been playing music together exclusively for over fourteen years. By 2010, they'd honed their sound with an initial catalogue of songs; heavy, rhythmic, and tight riff-rock, with progressive/stoner/oddball tendencies, laden with hooks, and laced with melodic pop sensibilities. Gigging rampantly, they quickly gained a reputation for their intense and energetic live shows. They are entirely a DIY outfit, producing both their self-titled debut(2011), and their sophomore record In Dog Years(2013), along with music videos and promotion. Always changing, Old Major craves to challenge indifference- by simply being different.


Self-Titled LP
(Released 04/08/11)

In Dog Years
(Released 04/08/13)