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"Winners of the 2005 NM Talent Showcase"

Rock/Alternative Winner:
Old Man Shattered

More than 100 groups/performers applied to participate. Judges selected 24 groups/performers for the event. It took place September 17th at The New Mexico State Fair. Winners received prizes that include studio recording time and future performances at major musical events in Albuquerque.

- NM Music Commission 2005

""This is Indie""


My first thought upon popping in this amazing new CD by Old Man Shattered entitled "The End of the Matter", was that this band has got some major energy and they're the kind of band you've got to see live. The music rocks! It’s the kind of stuff that makes you say "this is indie?" and even more-so, "this is Christian?" While most bands are still trying on several different versions of their musical style and giving a disjointed Jeckle & Hyde impression to their identity, it's immediately apparent that Old Man Shattered has got their own style and has got it down pat. They stick with it on every song on the CD. They definitely know who they are musically. With high energy songs that make people stand up and take notice, OMS fits into the same musical vein as bands like Alterbridge and Switchfoot but with a harder Foo Fighter's edge. The instrumentation and vocal prowess of this band are one of the most impressive out there.

Amid the high octane songs are also some rockin' power ballads that make you want to flick your bic and lift it up 80's style in a sea of lights. Among the strong presentation of original songs, standouts are their Indie Rock Show hit "Crash and Burn" on which OMS gives an impressively great performance with this well crafted rocker. It's the kind of performance that captivates the listener and never loses your attention through every creative turn of the song.

And although the underlying theme and message of Old Man Shattered is that of a spiritual nature, it's subtle and not extremely trite as I find most Christian rock bands can be for the most part. OMS will hook you with the music that makes you want to listen to it over and over again and in that experience, you come to know the heart of this band is genuine and passionate about what they believe and the music they play to communicate that message. Overall, Old Man Shattered is on my list of "MUST HEAR INDIES" and one of the best kept secrets in great indie music. - Sonia V. for The Indie Rock Show

""Local Rock Band Knows To Stay on Even Keel""

After six years playing together, the members of Old Man Shattered have been through a laundry list of ups and downs, moments where the big break was just around the corner and challenges that have stretched their characters and molded their friendships.
Still, their upcoming show will place them in a peculiar situation. The rock band will open for pop sensation and MTV favorite Jessica Simpson. - By Patrick Dunn for the Albuquerque Journal- Saturday, July 10, 2004

""They eat boy bands for Breakfast""

Lead vocalist and guitarist David Meyers and his band mates earned their musical wings in church.
Through the years, the music of OMS has evolved into a tight, hard,
universal metal sound, backed by a lyrical style that doesn't preach
but instead approaches the subject of faith as a simultaneous struggle between doubt and awakening.

Old Man Shattered is on the brink of releasing its latest album, The
End of the Matter. The three unreleased tracks that I've heard are
nothing less than a musical awakening. OMS has matured into a workhorse of airtight, crunching arrangements, punctuated by Meyers' flexible vocals.
- By Robert DeWalt for the Santa Fe New Mexican-10/14/2005


The Retaliation EP- (Soon to be released)
THE END OF THE MATTER- Released 4-01-06
THE OTHER SIDE OF FEAR- Released 7-01-03
IN LIGHT OF WHO YOU ARE- Released 4-12-00



Ten years have come and gone. Experiencing the gamut of the ups and downs of the music business. Having endured broken promises and empty banter. The one thing that has remained constant through the years is the vision. OMS’s vision is not one of fame, money or the “rockstar” persona. The vision of Old Man Shattered is that of honesty, struggle, and triumph.

Rarely does one find a rock band that displays as much authenticity and honest emotion as Old Man Shattered. Old Man Shattered formed in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1997, and has accomplished more than the average local garage band.
OMS`s debut album “In Light of Who You Are” released in ‘99 spawned four radio hits including “Mr. Prodigal” which went #1, and “Surrender” which peaked at #3 on Massive Radio a nationally broadcast CHR radio station. Another single “Be Magnified” was written in memory of Columbine High School shooting victim Cassie Bernall. OMS is listed on a memorial plaque which hangs inside the Columbine High School, and the song was played at the one year memorial of the shooting tragedy., The album was also nominated in four categories at the NMMIA Awards held annually in New Mexico. OMS won Best Religious song for “Be Magnified”

OMS has shared the stage with Flyleaf, Shinedown, Crossfade, RED, Trapt, Decyfer Down, Moth, Fivespeed, Skillet, Strata, Disciple, The Exies, Jessica Simpson, Delirious, Sonic Flood, Plumb, All Star United, Wavorly, Every Day Sunday, Dizmas, FireFlight, Falling Up, Kids in the Way, Hawk Nelson, Run Kid Run, Pillar, Showbread and The David Crowder band, among others. 

In July of 2003 OMS exploded onto the national music scene with the release of their sophomore effort “The Other Side of Fear”. The album combines an edgy mainstream rock sound with strikingly meaningful lyrics. The albums first single “Sentimental Time” charted in the top 30 on the CHR rock charts as reported by Radio and Records for the months of September, October, and November.

"We sing about our lives, our dreams, and our fears. Real stuff that people go through and the meaning behind it." Meyers said.

"The End of the Matter" is the bands third album which was released to a sold out show of 600+. The album is the strongest to date from OMS with songs like "All For Nothing", "Crash and Burn", and "Disassembled". The new album is sure to please! Their influences range from Alterbridge to Metallica to Anberlin, and from Johnny Rzeznik to Mark Tremonti to Dave Grohl. One thing they all have in common is their desire to play music, and the intensity in the way they pursue it. Old Man Shattered has struck a balance between the spontaneity and honesty of live performances while maintaining the sound of seasoned musicians. Old Man Shattered, while having come a long way from where they began, still feel that they are at the beginning of their journey with a lot to learn, a lot to teach, and a long way to go.

OMS has played SXSW, Creationfest, Cornerstone, Ragefest, Freedomfest, Hyperfest, and many more.