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Old School Tie

Malmesbury, England, United Kingdom | SELF

Malmesbury, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Band Rock EDM


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"Old School Tie - The Addict"

Imaginative and inspiring, this Band will surely appeal to thousands who aspire to creative and magnetic sounds - we loved it! - IndieNew Live.com

"Old School Tie - Oldman EP"

"Glorious, stately and enormous in its concept from beginning to end" - Stephen Morris - BBC

"Od School Tie "You Borrow from Tomorrow""

"Pushing post-ock up a notch, OST have separate themselves from their counterparts by the introductkion of epic keyboards and superb production values, creatng mesmerising soundscapes that never fail to be attention-grabbing". - Brumcast New Radio, The Sound of the UK Midlands

"OST @ The Dublin Castle - Sat 4 Apr 09"

It's Saturday night, and The Dublin Castle is packed to the gills as we negotiate a path to the bar through the beer swilling/spilling music-loving masses.
Along with the majority of the crowd, we're here to catch Birmingham 4-piece headliners "Old School Tie", (two sets of brothers, James & Dan Cameron, and Mike and Chris Unwin). The band was formed when the brothers attended school together - hence the moniker.
It should be stated up front that Old School Tie are not purveyors of the three minute pop song. A quick shufty through the timings on their Myspace confirms that few offerings come in at much under five minutes. In addition the hybrid influences seeping through their material go beyond the eclectic, bordering (on paper at least) on the optimistically insane.
The sleek, algebraic math-structure of "Blindfolds" nods unashamedly in the direct of Foals, whilst "Preacher PART II" is a disconcerting (though oddly appealing) marriage of early Genesis and Happy Mondays. Prog rave anyone...?
This is a musical balancing act which might of might not work live, though our fingers are discreetly crossed behind backs in hope it does. This Band's modus operandi is at very least adventurous. And we're rather partial to adventurers.
We're not disappointed. Five minutes in it become apparent that as an entity Old School Tie don't simply gel - they positively soar!
They're dance demons, funksters, rock purists rolled into one - surfing fest-tastic rave riffs, Wave Machine style funk and er yes, ELP. We remain convinced at least one of the band is a closet progster. Not pointing any fingers. (At the keyboard player).
Live, Old School Tie work in tandem as an unstoppable force, pulling the threads of their influences together seamlessly. They work hard, play hard and not only have demonstrable fun onstage, but insist their audience have fun too.
The closing song of the night is on-stage mayhem, as band members swap instruments with dizzying velocity. The unfortunate keyboard receives such a merciless pounding that it near jumps off the stand - the mere sight, I'm sure, enough to give Rick Wakeman chronic indigestion for weeks.
Catch this band on the way up if you can. They front their own home-grown festival "FieldView" - and one hazards a guess this would be the perfect environment to experience them live for the first time. Come rain or shine, OST are going to do just fine. Under their umbrella, ella, ella. (Yes, that is an in-joke. Go see them live; find out). - Eden Lloyd of "Rip Her To Shreds" e-mag

"The Anomalies/Old School Tie/The Suit @ The Rainbow, Friday 3rd April 2009"

Next, Old School Tie - none of whom are old, go to school or wear ties asfar as I can see. I'll be informing my local Trading Standards offer...maybe even Watchdog....or that annoying gimp who rides around on a motorbike with a Portugese bloke. What can I say about OST that I've not said before? Tonight they were right on top of teir game, perhap less 'wigging out' (apart from the last number...which was wiggier than Tina Turner in a wig factory,,,, on International Wig Day) than at some of the gigs I've seen...more focussed maybe....but packing a greater punch than most bands could dream of. Balaeric beats, African rhythms, ruddy great walls of dub, plinky plonky piano....call it around the world in 80 genres and you won't be too far from the mark. I've said it once (probably to myself, but that's down to my failing mental health) and I'll say it agai...but you can see OST on a stage at Glasto as the sun goes down. Not the John Peel stage...or theJazz World stage...but the biggie, The Pyramid. They'd floor the place. Are you listening Mr Eavis? (NB. If OST do get a slot on the Pyramid Stage an I have two free tickets please? Ta.) Oh, before I go, whilst "God's Electric Super Scene remains a bowel movingly great track it wasn't even the set highlight tonight. There were many. That is a very...very...VERY good sign forthe future. By the way, I can recommend the blog on their Myspace page too... Hilarious! - The Hearing Aid

"Swindon Shuffle 2009 Unsigned Festival Programme Sep 09"

Quite simply one of the bestlive bands Wiltshire has ever produced, OST's sets are surprising, exciting - in fact, every positive word you can think of ending with "ing". Combining a huge array of styles from electronica to world to all out rock, OST still has the musical ability to produce a dazzling sound of their own that's like being hit across the chops with a musical baseball bat. To put it simply, they are unmissable. - Swindon Shuffle


"So Many Souls" 2010
"The Live Sessions" 2009
"Mystery Sound Playground" - 2008
"You Borrow from Tomrrow" - 2007
"The Addict" - 2006
"The Preacher" - 2005
"Oldman" & "Epic Song" - 2004



Eight years ago, two pairs of brothers didn't so much converge as collide somewhere in Wiltshire before relocating to Birmingham and beginning their journey as OST, (aka "Old School Tie"). Evolving from an instrumental tempest into a Birmingham basement-roving bottle band, OST now play venues further afield to support their latest, (and seventh), self-released, self-funded CD, "So Many Souls".

OST is an 'emotronic', rock four-piece band. With their brew of dance, electro, dub and rock, the Band has gained recognition in the United States, (their song "God's Electric Superscene" received 65,000-plus US downloads) and in Europe, playing a 12-day tour of Norway in 2009. Originally from Malmesbury in North Wiltshire, the band is comprised of the Cameron brothers, (James, guitars and lead vocals and Dan: drums and backing vocals) and the Unwins: (Mike: guitars, keys, percussion and backing vocals, and Chris: bass guitar and backing vocals).

Formed in 2003, when the boys were pupils at Malmesbury School, OST "gravitated" to Birmingham when the band members all studied at Midland universities. The Band became extremely well-known and popular performing on the Midlands circuit, with regular forays to "home turf", (Bristol/Bath/Swindon), and increasingly frequent shows in London. Now based in London, they perform regularly at venues such as 93 Feet East, Proud Galleries, Monto Water Rats, the Dublin Castle, and Camden Barfly.

Live, OST literally exploded onto the Birmingham music scene, once turning the final 20 minutes of their set into a drum and bass freestyle after a power cut disabled their trusty keyboard.

OST's live performances are always keenly anticipated and enthusiastically received. Their clever, thoughtful and intelligent music is steadily and unobtrusively building a strong and loyal following of OST "cognoscente", who ensure their gigs are invariably well-attended.

OST, who list their main influences as Bloc Party, Muse, Biffy Clyro, Radiohead, Faithless and Daft Punk, recently supported the much in demand Delphic. They have had numerous other notable support slots, including Shy FX, The Infadels, Oceansize, The Anomalies, Ozric Tentacles and Blackbud over the last four years.

They have played The 2000 Trees, Birmingham ArtsFest, Kingston Green Fair, and Festivale Festivals, the MoonFest Party, and their own FieldView Festival (which has sold out for three years in succession). Highlights in 2010, besides supporting The Ozric Tentacles, were headlining The Swindon Shuffle, (labelled the UK's biggest unsigned music festival for the second year in succession), playing a prime-time slot on the Chamberlain Square Stage at the Birmingham ArtsFest, and performing at the Godiva (Coventry), 2000 Trees (Cheltenham), Wyeside (Hereford), Bridgebash (Worcester) Festivals.

2011 credits include:
PlayFest (Norwich) - May
Beach Break Live (S.Wales) - June
2000 Trees (Cheltenham) - July
Keynsham Festival (Bath) - July
FieldView (Malmesbury) - August
Swindon Shuffle (Wilts) - August