Lionel "OldScool" de Bernard
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Lionel "OldScool" de Bernard

Dover, Delaware, United States | INDIE

Dover, Delaware, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Adult Contemporary


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"A Sound Straight To The Heart"


Lionel de Bernard
P.O. Box 99
Dover, Delaware 19903

Contact: Lionel de Bernard, 302 734-1629


OldScool–a Delaware-based recording and performing band– is re-releasing their debut CD, “Reason For Being.”
What started out as a recording project, with seasoned, musician friends, soon morphed into the realization that a very refreshing sound was developing, and, it needed to be heard. Right from the beginning, the recordings had reflected a signature style of a band who had been playing together for many more years than what was actually the case. And, the sound was infectious.

Founded by songwriter, Lionel de Bernard, OldScool is an association of select, seasoned, rock musicians from the Delaware area. Lionel says, “Destiny enabled me to connect with friends who are currently playing or have played with some notable bands, such as Chubby Checker, and, Tommy Conwell and The Young Rumblers.”

OldScool’s retro-rock influences help create a sound (think of REM, Toots and The Maytals, The Clash meet David Byrne} that is uniquely dynamic, original, with an old school charm, and, is yet, very much contemporary. “They don’t sound like any other band...OldScool is truly unique and refreshing,” said one New Jersey fan attending the 28th Annual June Jam Festival, in Houston, Delaware.

A CD album of original songs written by Lionel de Bernard, and recorded by OldScool, “Reason For Being” is a mix of styles. According to Lionel, “Reason For Being” is raw edge, old school rock with ska-reggae elements, straightforward intensity, that melds retro, rock-rattling guitar rhythms, skillfully blended harmonies and huge, highly infectious melodies.

So, if you find yourself searching for rock music, packed with catchy grooves that does not insult you with adolescent lyrics and bombard you with urban, headache-producing, drone-like, drum machine beats, then, “Reason For Being” by OldScool may be just what you need.


Nashville indie-label, Wild Oats Records is also releasing an OldScool CD, titled, "Save Me From Myself," recorded in Nashville. For more information, go to, or, go to

“Reason For Being” and "Save Me From Myself" CD's are each available at
Also, digital downloads from iTunes

Contact: Lionel de Bernard 302 734-1629


- Lionel de Bernard

"OldScool Will Be Special Guest At The Crocodile Rock"

Interview inquires/press and photo passes contact:
Nina Denny Public Relations
(315) 323-1058



ALLENTOWN, PA (August 11, 2008)— Longing for the old days of rock and roll? Delaware-Philadelphia based rock trio OldScool will bring their uniquely refreshing retro, rhythm rock guitar sound to Crocodile Rocks on August 30, 2008 at 10:00 PM as part of the Fetzer Music Management Ol’ Man Birthday Bash in celebration of James Fetzer’s birthday.

Signed to Nashville Indie Label Wild Oats Records, the current OldScool line-up consists of Lionel de Bernard (lead vocalist and guitarist), Bob Kerly (bassist), and John Terray (drums). The band will perform songs from their sophomore CD titled, "Save Me From Myself,” that features Joey Fulkerson (Chubby Checker) on lead guitar, rhythm guitar, classical guitar, and backing vocals, and Johnny Neel (The Allman Brothers) on keyboards. The band will also perform original interpretations of cover songs, and several new tunes from their upcoming album that is already in development.

The event, which is sponsored by Jager, will showcase 18 Indie Bands from across the USA, as well as feature the Jager Girls, Live X Girls, and The Gypsy Queens. There will also be a Tag Team Raunchy Banana Contest with a $100 Grand Prize. This is an all ages’ show with doors opening at 6:00 PM. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door.

If you are looking for a band that will intrigue and fascinate the audience by weaving elements of ska, retro-rock, surf, and jazz into their already smooth contemporary sound, then check out OldScool on August 30 at 10:00 PM at Crocodile Rocks in Allentown, PA and see what all the hype is about.

"Save Me From Myself " is available for purchase at CDBaby, iTunes, and at the band’s website

- Nina Denny Public Relations

"June Jam 2006, Houston, Delaware"

OldScool, a unique retro/roots-rock band with innovative ska/reggae and jazz elements, played their original music from their brand new studio demo album, "Reason For Being" to several thousand cheering and appreciative campers at the 28th Annual June Jam Festival, June 17, 2006, in Houston, Delaware. This was only the band's second live show, and, their first ever live, concert performance.
- Lionel de Bernard

"OldScool "Reason For Being" CD Review"

OldScool ~ Reason For Being
Date: Saturday, January 06, 2007 @ 08:23:00 EST
Topic: Reviews

Artist: Oldscool

CD: Reason For Being

Home: Dover, Delaware

Style: Rock

Quote: "Part sock hop, part ethereal jazz jam; from the packaging to the ten tracks on OldScool’s Reason For Being, this CD forges its own genre."

By Robb Loving

Okay, I admit it: I’m a sucker for a cd (i.e., “cool disc”). Opening up this jewel box I was presented with a little bit of nostalgia, as the all black, sonic-grooved disc was a perfect little replica of an old fashioned LP. After resisting the urge to stack quarters on my player to stop any skipping, I sat back and began listening to the coolest disc I’d heard for some time. Part sock hop, part ethereal jazz jam; from the packaging to the ten tracks on OldScool’s Reason For Being, this CD forges its own genre.

Is there such a thing as “fusion rock”?

Take “Thank You for Loving Me”: easily at home in Al’s Diner, with Fonzie holding court by the door to his office and Richie Cunningham still having a use for that comb in his pocket. Its sha-na-doo-wop is bouncy and cool, daddy-o, and as it leads the titles I thought it would establish the theme of this album. Uhm, I was wrong (it happens).

By the third track my ears were giggling and happy -- “Dancing on the Other Side of the Moon” is what you’d get if Tom Petty was riffin’ with Santana on dart league night at your local VFW. Yeah, but don’t get too comfortable yet, because the next few songs are blanketed in a heavy fog of reggae smoke, and the ghost of Marley (Bob, not Jacob) haunts many of the melodies. And just when you think you’ve got OldScool figured out, they weave in The Eagles, Dick Dale, and The Clash, folding it all into a smooth stew of rock that had me coming back for seconds and thirds.

Dessert was definitely track nine, “Déjà vu Eyes”; if you dig Mark Knopfler, you’re gonna love this song.

OldScool hooked me with this CD--Reason For Being is a very cool disc.

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Lionel de Bernard has recorded with several musicians who have toured and played with some very well known Nashville groups, including Roy Orbison's band, Brooks and Dunn, The Bellamy Brothers, Paul Brandt and others. With the help of these musicians, in 2000, Lionel was able to produce and release, " Lonesome Troubador," a CD demo of some of his original songs from his Nashville phase.

Lionel de Bernard has also garnered several international and national songwriting awards, from some well known songwriting organizations, including TAXI, Unisong International and Spree Select. With several song publishing contracts already in his portfolio, and proven songwriting ability, Lioinel and OldScool are determined to secure several more in TV and Film with original and uniquely refreshing tunes from their acclaimed, first-release CD, "Reason For Being."

In 2006, OldScool received a recording contract from Wild Oats Records, an indie label from Nashville. OldScool's, "Reason For Being" and "Save Me From Myself" CD's are now each available on CD A new CD is due for release in Spring/Summer of 2013.



OldScool is a recording project/gig band from Delaware. OldScool is headed by award winning, singer-songwriter, Lionel de Bernard. New line-up includes Art Wessell on bass and Chris Foltz on drums.

Nashville indie label, Wild Oats Records recently released OldScool's CD, titled, "Save Me From Myself." Lionel de Bernard's music has fascinated and intrigued many listeners, longing for the old school days of rock and roll. Yet, Lionel manages to retain a very contemporary sound, incorporating many different musical elements, including ska, retro-rock, surf, reggae, jazz, and, anything else available on his palate to forge a new, refreshing genre.

For their most recent OldScool, "Save Me From Myself" CD, Lionel de Bernard, songwriter and lead vocalist, set out to record his latest compositions through a shared, old school, roots-rock experience. Lionel says, " I was hoping to create a concept, studio album with songs reminiscent of the heart and spirit from the early days of rock and roll, but with a more contemporary flavor, adding several uniquely blended ska, rock, reggae and jazz elements to the music. Opportunities has enabled me to connect with players who have played with some notable bands, such as Chubby Checker, The Allman Brothers and others."

Not to be overlooked, OldScool also has a self-release CD, titled, "Reason For Being," for which Indie-Music characterised as "part sock-hop and ethereal jazz jam." Lionel de Bernard, will be trying to secure publishing contracts by submitting OldScool songs from both CD's for possible placement on TV, Film and Commercial venues. Lionel is counting on the strong melody emphasis and the straightforward, hypnotic rhythms and uniqueness in style to capture the attention of prospective publishers and other music industry song seekers. Lionel's music is ideally suited for indie, film and television music projects.