Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN

oldseed is craig bjerring. born and raised on the canadian prairies, bjerring has been constantly on tour since around 2006. his show is intimate and touching. his dry humour makes for some great laughs breaking up the tension he creates in his songs.



oldseed has been playing since 2001 when he left all his various bands and started writing songs for acoustic guitar.  the idea was to make the act of being a working musician as simple as possible.  since then he has played around 1400 shows in 30 countries.  he has made 8 records, pressing the last 6 to vinyl and selling them off the stage (most records are out of print). 

his latest record "bloom/burn" was recorded live to master tape in geyso castle in mansbach, germany.  the record was released in september 2017 to great reviews by german imprint bekassine records.

oldseed has shared the stage with smog, lambchop, mike watt and scott kelly to name a few.  festivals of note include incubate (tillburg, nl), great northern arts (inuvik, ca) and stimmen (lorach, de)

-the music of oldseed has been called ghostly, fragile, god beautiful. his performances have raised more than a few tears in the eye and hairs on the back of the neck. bjerring's decades of diy touring show in his ease onstage and his ability to know when to take himself seriously and when not to.


"oldseed loves you!" ep 2003
"s/t" lp 2004
"when you laugh the world laughs with you when you cry you cry allone" lp 2005
"simple tales of morality" 10" vinyl ep 2007
"the terror" 10" vinyl ep 2009
"live set 17.2.2010" cd 2010
" the reveal" 10" vinyl ep 2010
"saving throw verses" 10"vinyl ep 2012

Set List

-fifty original songs and counting
-a dozen covers (neil young, gillian welch, will oldham, david bowie, reo speedwagon, john prine, pat benatar etc.)