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After providing the rave scene with real time visuals for 7 years, under the alias FACTORY VISUALS, and shortly after making TECHNOBABBLE ( a 16mm feature film that has been called ‘the undergrounds answer to SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER’) Ralph Haslacker watched the city of Orlando let the Underground Scene die a terrible death.

“It all started for me back in 1992 at a little old night club called “the Edge”. Killer rock music along with great sound, lights, free beer, hot ass chicks, cool people… it was perfect. And then they started throwing these late night dance parties “raves if you will.” They would keep it going till 8 in the frickin’ morning with hugs and love drugs. Being a full-fledged redneck headbanger from Ohio, I had never seen people having fun like that and had definitely never heard music like that. It never stopped. But I liked it and I could find no good reason not to jump on that wave and let the good times ‘roll’. If you happened to miss it… smoke a crippy joint, turn on your lava lamp and throw in TECHNOBABBLE… you’ll get a small taste.”

Ralph started wondering how he could once again have an excuse to kill some more brain cells and let some creative juices flow.

The answer came on a cold winter night in 2002 at DJ Scream’s home studio in downtown Orlando, when he was awoken from a Natural Light coma by the sounds of a good old rock n roll jam session upstairs.

“I thought I was dreaming and that Slash himself was up there with a bunch of rockers. I was blown away that it was my ‘Visual’ partner in crime and very good friend SteveO leading the way with the old Les Paul. He’s the coolest guitar player I’ve ever heard. He lights it up with a combination of riffs and cords that make your head spin and body groove. And there was the rest of the late night regulars playing drums, bass, maracas, keyboard, skin flute… a full fledged band!”

As the sun came up and the session ended, Ralph planned their first practice.

“Well sure, who doesn’t want to be in a Rock n Roll band? It just always sounded like it would be a lot of work. But if it’s going to be dropped right in my lap like that… shitttt, I’m on it like Oprah on a glazed ham.”

He told the band to learn G&R’s Nighttrain and the Crue’s Live Wire by Monday and to be ready to meet their new front man.

“With moves like Vince Neil and a voice like Axl, I was ready to blow it up. “

The video playback shows what terrible things happen when Ralph meets bottle of Yeager meets live microphone.

“I cried for weeks, it scarred me permanently. My dream was crashing and burning just like I did down the stairs that night. “

Ralph immediately took up voice lessons, scrapped the whole ‘cover songs’ idea and started writing. He and Steve sat down with the acoustic one night and out came 3 songs. Thus was the birth of Oldskool.

They had found their groove somewhere along the lines of AC/DC meets Metallica meets Motley Crue. And to their amazement they found that the crazy but beautiful actress chic that sticks her ass in everyone’s face at parties and who drinks beer for breakfast (aka Miss Kari D. Rocker)…had a killer voice. This helped to smooth over the rough edges of Ralph’s raspy sound.

“Just put my mic thru the stage monitors and I’m happy, let Rocker tear it up.”

Their revolving door for drummers and bass players has become an Oldskool staple. You never quite know who you’ll get. Wing, Sinderella Sobering, Tery Davis, Scream and Andy Sechler have all added their talents and have played major rolls in developing the Oldskool sound; and still do.

“I’m so honored every time I get a chance to sing with any of the Oldskool clan. They are all so talented. I count my lucky stars all the time. As well I should since I’ve been fired from my band no less than three times in the past 4 years. Straight up.”

Daren Kaye fills the bass spot currently. A guitarist by trade, he learned how to play the bass in just a few weeks to help Oldskool in a time of need.

“We had 2 rotating bass players from the start. Sechler got pussy whipped and Sinderella ran off to hills of North Carolina to talk to ghosts. After looking for a long time someone mentions Daren. I hadn’t seen old “DK” in like 7 years and he was that guy back in the day who never had a car, that bummed all your smokes, drank all your beer and ended up on your couch the next morning smoking all your bud. But smack my ass and call me Shirley if he didn’t show up with a sweet amp and new axe, a nice ride, a pack of Cloves, a case of imported beer and other fine party favors. He’s good. And when SteveO’s not around for a jam, DK carry’s the load.
He pulls off the position brilliantly as well as juggling 3 kids a career and a gem of a wife. “

In between community service and jerkin off, Greg Sapp fills the void as the drummer Oldskool has been longing for. His timing, quickness and strength give SteveO and the rest of the band that rock solid backbo